Bug using Excel 2010

I am using DNS12 Premium and have just upgraded to the latest version of VoiceComputer Ultimate 64bit. My OS is Win7 Pro 64bit.

I decided to use the navigation commands in a large workbook with many worksheets. Using ‘Next Worksheet’ works as expected and the focus moves to the worksheet to the right of the current one. However ‘Last Worksheet’ does not work as expected. Yes, it does move to the previous worksheet but the last worksheet visited is still selected, and if I say ‘Last Worksheet’ again then 3 worksheets are selected. This means that when I alter a cell in the worksheet I am working on then the same cells in all other selected worksheets are also altered.
This can be overcome by saying ‘Previous Worksheet’ which moves from one worksheet to another, deselecting the last visited worksheet as expected. I have checked this in Normal Mode and Spell Mode, (as Numbers Mode still does not recognise all 10 digits), and get the same result.


First, you need to understand a couple of things about how Dragon works.

1. Dragon can only interact with what is visible on the screen. For example, if you have multiple sheets (worksheets) and your last worksheet is not visible in the list of worksheets in Excel, then no command will find and access that worksheet (Dragon or VoiceComputer). Just to reiterate, Dragon can only access what's visible on the screen. This is one of the reasons why the command "last worksheet" is not going to find your last worksheet. Even though this is a VoiceComputer command which basically shortens the Dragon command "go to previous worksheet", this command only accesses the last worksheet that you were working with. We apologize for any confusion but "last worksheet" only goes back to the last worksheet you were working on. The same applies to the Dragon commands.

2. While we have some VoiceComputer commands that are specifically does designed to shorten the number of steps required to get to a particular feature in Microsoft Excel, or basically any Microsoft Office application, we do not duplicate commands that already exist in Dragon. We only makes some of them simpler to use by reducing the number of words that you have to use in order to execute such commands. Otherwise, the real power in VoiceComputer has to do with commands that don't exist in Dragon. In Microsoft Excel, for example, we have the extend commands and the commands that allow you to access the various parts of any particular Ribbon bar using single commands rather than having to change to a specific Ribbon bar in order to access such. Other than this, we do not do anything extraordinary, particularly duplicating Dragon commands.


3. In Dragon, if you want to access a particular or specific worksheet and that worksheet is listed at the bottom of the Excel window currently visible, you can simply change to that worksheet by saying its name. For example, if you had a worksheet, and the sheet is visible in the list of worksheets at the bottom of the screen, named "Budget 2012", then all you have to do to change to that particular work see is say its name. That is, simply say "budget 2012", and Dragon will take you to that worksheet. However, if the worksheet that you want is not visible in the list of worksheets at the bottom of your Excel window, then neither Dragon nor VoiceComputer can access it. Simply the way that Dragon works. Also, you need to understand that VoiceComputer can't override Dragon as far as commands are concerned Re: what's visible on the screen. Access to what is visible on the screen is determined by SAPI (the Windows Speech Application Program Interface). What SAPI sees, Dragon can access. What SAPI doesn't see, Dragon cannot access. Just the way Dragon works.


Given the above, it might be possible for us to create a command that would allow you to go to the last worksheet in your workbook, but we would have to work around Dragon to do that. Hopefully, Ron will read this and see if we can implement this type of command. Nevertheless, "last worksheet" is simply another way of saying, using only two words, "go to the previous worksheet", which, again, is the last worksheet that you were working in. While we can usually get around the limitations of Dragon as regards accessing what's visible on the screen, we have to go through the back door. Dragon does what Dragon is capable of doing, and with the Premium version you don't have access to Advanced Scripting, which would allow you to do the same thing that we would end up doing anyway with VoiceComputer.

<p>The long and the short of it is that you can't make Dragon do what it is not capable of doing.</font></p>

Thanks Chuck, but maybe I did not make myself clear.

The workbook I was working on has about 10 worksheets, all of which are visible with clear space to the right of the Insert Worksheet tab. If there are 10 worksheets labelled ‘Sheet1’ to ‘Sheet10’ and Sheet5 is selected then saying ‘Next Worksheet’ deselects Sheet5 and selects Sheet 6. Saying ‘Previous Worksheet’ deselects Sheet6 and selects Sheet5. This is fine.
In fact it does not matter if Sheet10 is showing but Sheet9 is, because if Sheet8 is currently selected and I say ‘Next Worksheet’ then Sheet9 is selected and Sheet10 comes into view. Saying ‘Next Worksheet’ again selects Sheet10 and the Insert Worksheet tab becomes visible.
If Sheet5 is selected and I say ‘Last Worksheet’ Sheet10 is not selected, instead Sheet4 is selected and Sheet 5 is not deselected. Saying ‘Last Worksheet’ again then selects Sheet3 as well as the two sheets to the right of it, which is fine for copying or moving a contiguous group of worksheets to another workbook, but is not what I expected to happen, and is not what you are saying will happen.
I have tested the ‘Last Worksheet’ command several times and each time it just selects the sheet to the left of the currently selected sheet without deselecting the previous one. At no time does it select the rightmost sheet.
You also say that to move to the sheet named ‘Budget 2012’ I just have to say that phrase. When I try that all that happens is that the phrase ‘Budget 2012’ is entered in the currently active cell. I did try naming a sheet just ‘Budget’ to see if there was a problem with the number in the sheet name but this made no difference, neither does ‘Move to Budget’ or ‘Go To Budget’. Every time it just enters the phrase in the active cell. And the worksheet is visible so I assume that SAPI can see it as well.
While a command to move to the last, (and first), worksheet might be useful for some people I probably would not use it very often, it is just the irrational way the ‘Last Worksheet’ command works which annoys me, as it means that I have to remember never to use it as it could result in me amending the cells on the wrong worksheets, as well as the one I want to alter.
I appreciate that it is not possible to make software do something which it was not designed to do, but it should behave in a rational manner and I was not sure if it was a problem in Dragon or VoiceComputer, which is why I posted here.

Viv,</p><p>The command "last worksheet" is the same as the command "previous worksheet". That is, both commands go to the previous worksheet.</p><p>If you look in the Command Browser under Browse and open the drop-down list for "Context:" and go to Microsoft Excel 2010, then go down the list of commands until you find the one related to your issue as follows:</p><p>[(go | move) to] [the] (next | previous) (window | pain | (worksheet | sheet))</p><p>Unfortunately, it is we who have to apologize to you for the confusion because the command "last worksheet" is a VoicePower/VoiceComputer mimic of the above Dragon NaturallySpeaking command for "previous worksheet", which is embedded within the above Natural Language Command if you expand such.</p><p>Hopefully, Ron will read this and we should probably revise this in the next version of VoiceComputer such that it does what it should do, as you put it, "rationally" and switch to the last worksheet in your list of worksheets. We'll see what we can do and let you know.</p><p>As regards the names of worksheets, if you can't switch worksheets by saying the name, then you have a problem. When you open Microsoft Excel 2010, is the checkmark to the right of the volume meter in the DragonBar green or gray? If it's grayed out, then you don't have Full Text Control (Select-and Say) enabled in Microsoft Excel. In this case you either opened Microsoft Excel before you launched Dragon, or the NatSpeak Excel AddIn is not loaded or active. Go to the Excel Options and check in the Add-Ins option and make sure that the NatSpeak Excel AddIn is listed under the Active Application Add-Ins. If not, then that can be the reason why you're having a problem with accessing worksheets by simply saying the worksheet name. If it's not, let me know and I will provide you with the instructions for making it active. The only thing that we need from you is whether or not it's missing altogether, or located in the Inactive Application Add-ins or the Disabled Application Add-ins.</p><p>Another thing you need to make sure of is that in the Dragon Options dialog | Miscellaneous tab, the option "Voice-enable menus, buttons and other controls excluding:" is checked. If not, make sure you put a checkmark in that checkbox.</p><p>Lastly, it's important to keep in mind that computer-based speech recognition is not in any way equivalent to human speech recognition. Dragon is a very dumb program like all computer programs. It is incapable of using context the way people do when talking to one another face-to-face, it does not understand what words mean, and it has no anthropomorphic characteristics. It is a purely and entirely a collection of mathematical algorithms. In short, it does what it's told exactly as it's told and makes no assumptions about what you intended or what you meant. In short, it's not capable of "rational" behavior. In fact, it's not even capable of behavior as that's an anthropomorphic quality.</p><p>The bottom line is that I see your point and your point is well taken. However, it is we who are irrational, not Dragon. Speech recognition doesn't know how to be "rational" or "irrational". Nevertheless, thank you for making me dig a little deeper so that I can better explain the issue, which hopefully I have done.</p>
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Thanks Chuck,

I had not seen the Command Browser before.
If you are going to change the command ‘last worksheet’ to work correctly could you add ‘first worksheet’ as well?
When I open Excel 2010 the checkmark is green, and I have checked that the NatSpeak Addin is active as well, which it is. I also checked the Dragon option and ‘Voice-enable menus, buttons and other controls excluding’ is checked with nothing selected in the drop down box.
Unfortunately when I say the name of a visible worksheet such as ‘Finished’ or ‘Time’ all that happens is that this text is inserted into the active cell. Is there anything else I can do to try to correct this problem?
PS I have checked the Dragon Help files but could not see any reference to selecting a sheet by saying it’s name. Is this a VoiceComputer addition?

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