bookmarks function

With much help from Chucker, I finally understood how to create a bookmark and thus create a command to open something. In my case, I created a bookmark called “my dictation.” Prior to this new revision, I would give this command “display tag my dictation” and the bookmark would open.

Now, when I give the command, Dragon’s little teardrop as the circle go around it but it does not display the command. In other words, nothing happens.

I love the function. Help!




The tag commands seem to work fine in this release.

Create a couple more and test them.

Three rules:

1. You need to check Bookmarked when you create the tag. If you don’t, the bookmarks only display via the “Show My Favorites” command.

2. You can’t bookmark a favorite because a favorite is already a bookmark. (I tried this when I was testing this release…)

3. If one name doesn’t work, try another. Need to do this with all commands. There are some command names that Dragon just won’t understand.

Let me know!


You know what I was thinking? Well, since you haven’t met me you probably wouldn’t, plus I think a lot of strange things. For example, I think Lady Gaga is very strange!

Don’t I have to load all my prior bookmarks to the new version? I know when I download a new version of Dragon, I have to reenter my personal commands.

I’m going to do that right now. I will let you know. I know you will worry until you know I have the problem fixed. I don’t want to ruin your weekend.

Thanks so much.


Postscript: that was exactly the problem. It is now working perfectly. I still think Lady Gaga is strange, however.

Trionalaw2011-06-10 07:29:38
>that was exactly the problem. It is now working perfectly.
> I still think Lady Gaga is strange, however.
Not so strange that you should think that...

I have to tell you, Ron, I love VoicePower. I am talking it up with my friends. Have a great weekend.