Best wired headset for SR

I am looking at wired headset options, leaving aside the various options that are likely to be well out of most people's price range, the vendors' choice would appear to be the (hybrid) Sennheiser ME3, indeed eMicrophones advises:

Sennheiser ME3 computer headset. The ME 3 is unequivocally the best computer headset microphone for Speech Recognition

and the glowing reviews from all quarters would tend to suggest that choosing it or not really is a no-brainer Big smile

However, I do have one or two reservations, firstly the information provided at the Knowbrainer site doesn't appear to be consistent. On one page noise cancellation is rated 9, but on another it's just 8 and on another still it is supposed to have tied with theBoom as regards noise cancelling but the latter is awarded a 10, go figure Confused
Next, Knowbrainer, eMicrophones and VoiceTeach all recommend the ANC (Andrea) Half-Duplex USB Pod (at least I think this is the model in question at all 3 sites). Aside from the fact that it is "on sale" at 2 sites, making me think a new model may be on its way, other soundpods are quite happily recommended for other headsets (in particular the Buddy USB 6G that seems newer in comparison) and as Richards review of the ME3 seems to have been conducted with no soundpod (if one was used no name is mentioned), it is not clear whether the soundpod is a critical factor and could have a big effect on performance.

The ME3 seems to have been around for a very long time, whilst I appreciate that mike technology doesn't change as fast as that in other sectors, I still wonder whether a new model is on the horizon or maybe we are about to see a new pretender from another manufacturer ready to knock the ME3 off its throne.
Finally, do you really get what you pay for?, the VXI Tria V 3-Way Headset (combined with Buddy USB 6G soundpod) has got some pretty decent reviews and costs quite a bit less, is the average user really going to notice the difference?

Thanks for your insight

emiliaserv2010-12-11 11:23:34