Basic help to create my first overlay

So, following on from my last post, I need to create an overlay/My Intags for a step in creating a new Gmail email where a crucial box is not numbered. I have tried a couple of times to upload a screenshot (a .png file of only 26 KB) but it is refused. Perhaps because i have not sufficient credit as a new user?

Anyway someone with Gmail can quickly see the problem. First choose to create a new email, say “show numbers” and choose the number for recipients (To:). This opens a dialogue to select the recipient(s) from your contacts list. You will probably see, as I do, that some items are numbered including all the contacts. However, it is not feasible to scroll or page down for many pages to find a contact in a list of several hundred. There is a box called “Search for Contacts” but this box is not numbered and I cannot find anyway to get into it to start a search.

So I tried to create an overlay with the cursor in the box and it seems to have done something. If I now toggle overlay, the number 1 comes up in or near the box for a fraction of a second and then disappears. Unfortunately, if I say “1” or “Click 1” VC selects the number 1 next to the minimise box and minimises the window!

So my first request is how do I remove an overlay and start again, maybe with the overlays for specific windows which I have just discovered. I can’t get the overlay number to show for long enough to click it. I see how to delete a My Intags but not an overlay. Can someone help here?

To remove an overlay, simply say "delete overlay" when you have the overlay in question displayed.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Almost impossible to delete the overlay as it only appears for a fraction of a second and disappears before I can even say “delete overlay”.

Did the Overlay cover the entire Gmail application or was it a smaller window?

I created an Overlay for Gmail. It covers the entire Gmail application and I created clickable points for the search window and to page up and down.

And, I found that the Intags number the contacts BUT they don't work! So, I created clickable points for the contacts.
I also created a clickable point for the To: field.

To use it I open the overlay and select To and then search...

If none of this works, then you might need to take the drastic action of deleting the Overlay file and starting all over again.

Not easy to do this by voice because VoiceComputer can't be open when you delete the Overlay file!

Close VoiceComputer/Dragon
Open Dragon (without VoiceComputer)

And then delete the CustomOverlays.xml file

Restart VoiceComputer

Create an overlay for Gmail.

Hi Ron

Thanks for your reply. In answer to your first question yes, the overlay I created covered the entire application. Second I have a similar problem. I created an overlay with the cursor inserted in the search contacts box for a Gmail email. I then created a tag which shows clearly as number 1 in the search contacts dialogue. Next time I went to create an email I could get to the contacts box and with the overlay showing I could say “click one” and the cursor would be inserted as required. I then typed my first name and it listed all the people with that name. But none of the names were numbered so I couldn’t select one – which was a bit of a blow.

So now I am entering new territory because I don’t understand what you mean by creating a clickable point as opposed to a tag? Is that the same thing?

Can you help? This one issue is stopping me from creating a truly hands-free email and will therefore definitely stop my quadriplegic friend in her tracks when she tries to do the same thing!


arjay2019-07-22 05:29:54
A tag is a clickable point.

You can create tags for all the names, and for page up/page down, etc.. When you page down, the tags will continue to number the names.

But, I'm not sure that you need this in the first place.

When you're addressing a gmail, you can just dictate in the first name of the addressee. A numbered list will pop up with all your contacts with that first name, select the name you want by saying the number.
Similarly, you can say, 'Press k', 'press a', etc., to bring up a list of people whose names begin with 'ka'.