Anyone use Dragon / VoiceComputer with a VM?

Have a client who wants to use a virtual machine to run Dragon / VoiceComputer and would like to have some feedback.

On their first try with just Dragon, it was very slow.

Just for clarification: she wants to use Dragon and VoiceComputer on the virtual machine, not on the host?
What programs is she using: virtual box?, hyper V or VMware station?
In all cases the amount of memory and processor power designated due to guest should be as high as possible.
What's are the system specifications?

Speech19652018-02-06 20:53:02

To clarify. It’s an IT department. They’re trying to find out what specifications they need. Or, whether it’s worth the effort. In development, we used a VM with WSR and VoiceComputer.

(Note: There could be an activation issue with VoiceComputer on a VM, but we can get around that.)
I see, then apart from the activation issue it should probably work as expected?
I think that Virtual Box would be the first choice because it seems to be relatively light on resources. Probably in combination with Windows 7 (with all unnecessary bells and whistles turned off). Since a VM works within a secure host such as Windows 10 a Windows XP SP2 guest OS will be even more light on resources but that's probably not supported by both Dragon and VC anymore).

Generally speaking the amount of RAM in the virtual machine settings should be set to a minimum of 3GB considering Dragon takes at least 600MB RAM and VC 80MB and the host OS should preferably run from an SSD.