Any ideas why show numbers no longer works in th

if I have Google Chrome, or Chromium Edge open, and say “show numbers” everything in the menus are numbered but nothing is numbered any more in the main body of the window. So, for example, if I search for “classic cars” I get a long list of relevant sites. But none of them are numbered any more and it is impossible for me to select one of them hands-free by choosing a number. (Page Down/Up and Move Down/Up work fine - just no way to select a specific item.)

BTW, the same happens in this forum. If I say “Intag menu” then all the menu items are numbered. But Show numbers or Show Intags does nothing? Thus I can dictate Ok but can’t, for example, click on Post New Topic.

If I say “Intag menu” then all the menu items are numbered.

>But Show numbers or Show Intags does nothing?

My guess is that you’ve disabled the Chrome extension.

If the Chrome extension is enabled then there should be a green Intag icon on the top right corner of the Chrome window.

See, "Show Chrome Lesson"

Our Chrome extension doesn’t work in Chromium Edge. But, we’ll release a Chrome extension for Chromium Edge in a month.

RonK2019-07-22 08:25:12

Interesting – I do have the chrome extension icon showing in the menu bar top right, but it is blue not green. I have tried refreshing (F5) but it stays blue. Any ideas?

<div><br></div><div>Nevertheless, for reasons completely unknown to me, the numbering of items in the main window has now returned, even though the VC icon is blue.<br></div><edited><editID>arjay</editID><editDate>2019-07-22 09:25:43</editDate></edited>

Just so eveyone knows (Ron and I are now communicating by email) - the reason the VC extension icon was blue not green was that VC never started on windows boot. It should have done as a VC short cut was in autostart. But for some reason, it had been disabled (not by me of course). Sorted now.