Another problem With super numbers

When I am looking for a client file and say “down 20” and then “” I get to the file I want. However, if I say “down 37” this is the result.

Thanks so much.uploads/33/Screenshot_-_8_15_2014__12_34_29_PM.jpg


The up/down commands are not Super Number commands.

And, there is no VoiceComputer ‘Down 37’ command nor a Dragon 'Move down 37’

The up/down/left/right/tab commands only include 1-20, 30, 40, 50.

See General Purpose Commands under Show Global Commands.


That explains the numbers problem. What about the problem with my billing program, Timeslips?

As usual, thanks so much.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


What about the problem with my billing program, Timeslips?

Need to refresh my memory on this.

It is working fine this morning. I probably should have rebooted because that is maybe what fixed it.



You’re able to control Timeslips with our Overlays?

Thinking of increasing the price of VoiceComputer to $500+. which would include a few hours of customization so that users would be able to control their applications with Super Numbers.


I can in fact control Timeslips with super numbers. I will try it out with my legal management system, Amicus Attorney and let you know.

Why not host a joint “GoToMeeting” (of course for a fee) and walk people through customization! You could put out a schedule for Each particular program.