another possible shorter command?

Hi Ron,

I’ve done some successful editing in both the displaynumbers.XML and the showCustomOverlayActive.XML
It appears that there wasn’t a cut command present in my XML so I copied and renamed the copy command:


Initially both these commands didn’t work properly on my computer, it turned out I had to replace the action “click” into “move”. May have something to do with my Windows Folder Options being set to single click.
One more question, although it probably won’t work, is it possible to remove the word ‘drag’ from the:

to <1to300cf>]]>


I’ve done something similar with Max Roth’s ShowNumbers Plus Click command where I removed the word ‘Click’ from the command. It would be very sweet to only have to say: “20 to 35” “45 to 61” etc.


Speech19652017-10-13 09:22:21

That would be cool. It should work.