Announcing VoiceComputer 3.2

(Minor Upgrade)

(We’ll release VC Lite 3.2 in a week or so.)

VoiceComputer 3.2

Added two new commands

Intag <1-300> Left

Intag <1-300> right

Intag <1-300> Left

Command fixes a bug in Open (Recent) menu - Microsoft Office/365

Where the Intags number ‘pinned’/unpinned and the usual Intag commands just pin/unpin the document without opening the file

The Intag <1-300> Left command clicks 5% to the left of the Intag, opening the file

Intag <1-300> right

Command fixes a bug in Word’s navigation pane.

The Intags number the drop-down menu but not the ‘x’ that closes the pane

The Intag <1-300> right command clicks 1% to the right of the Intag, closing the pane.

The cool thing about these commands.

The commands can be used as templates to let you write scripts that will let you click on a control even when an Intag is offset (any distance, any direction) from the control you want to click. (You may see this with inaccessible/ partially accessible applications.)

These commands can be edited in the displaynumbers.xml file.

Configuration for Chrome Extension

Since Chrome is now accessible without our extension, our Chrome extension is now optional.

Use the ‘Configure VoiceComputer’ command to enable/disable the extension.

(Our Chrome extension speeds up the Intags and may provide more accessibility to various apps and websites, but the extension requires a second command (Intag Menu) to Intag the top-level menu, while our default Intags number all controls. Also, the Intags in our Chrome extension continue numbering, even when you close the rest of the Intags.

Some users now prefer to use Edge (Chromium)

Chrome is a memory hog, etc.

See our ‘Show Edge Commands”

Consider replacing Google with other search engines

Both Facebook and Google put profit over decency and democracy

Google greenlights ads with ‘blatant disinformation’ about voting by mail