Announcing VoiceComputer 2021 and VC Lite 2021

New features in VoiceComputer 2021and VC Lite 2021

  1. A new, alternative dictation box that is faster and easier to use than Dragon’s. For more, see Section 9 in Show Global Commands.

  2. Built-in Intags now control Chrome (and Edge) so you no longer need to use our Chrome extension.

  3. Reduced instances when the Intags double-number controls.

  4. Reduced instances when the Intags close when you minimize, maximize and switch between programs.

  5. Your laptop monitor can now be configured as monitor 1, 2, or 3 in Windows. (Each monitor can be set to a different resolution, but all monitors must be set to the same text size [Scale and Layout].)

  6. Now you can reduce the number of accessible controls that are Intagged for websites / Intranet sites in Edge. (VoiceComputer only: See Section 8 in Show Intag Lesson.)

  7. VoiceComputer’s data files are relocated to decrease any possible permissions issues (and to be consistent with Dragon 15.6). Our data files are now located in C:\Users[user name]\AppData\Roaming\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer. (Previously they were in ProgramData\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer)

  8. A simplified open/restart/close utility.

  9. Improved how Intags number the ‘Save as’, ‘Open’, and other menus in MS Office.

  10. Renamed and increased reliability of the VC Microphone commands.

  11. Updated lessons and documentation.

Note: This is a free upgrade to those of you who purchased VoiceComputer or an upgrade this year.

Oh great news! Two questions!

  1. If you purchased VoiceComputer within the year (I purchased in Nov. 2020), do you just enter your same license number when you try to download the upgrade?
  2. Also — I have a fear of upgrading because VC works so well for me (minus the WhatsApp issue)… If for some reason I want to go back to my original 2020 VC, would I be able to undo the upgrade?

This is a free upgrade if you purchased VoiceComputer or an upgrade this year.
Otherwise, you can purchase an upgrade by going to VoiceTeach, LLC — Products.