Announcing VoiceComputer 2019

New features in VoiceComputer 2019

  1. This release automatically configures the Intags and our mouse commands to your computer’s mouse settings (Primary button left, primary button right).
  2. Now you can configure Intags to turn off the automatic numbering of the Taskbar
  3. When your computer loses focus, this release will place focus on the left center of your screen. Alternatively, you can configure VoiceComputer to display an Intag grid or to turn off the Intags.
  4. This release makes it easy to configure the VC Microphone. “Configure VoiceComputer” > Training/Configuration for the VC Microphone.
  5. In addition to the old ‘Toggle’ command that turns the Intags on/off for a couple of seconds to let you view controls hidden by the Intags, this release adds ‘Toggle for 10’ and ‘Toggle for 20’. These commands let you turn off the Intags for 10 or 20 seconds, so you can issue other commands without interference from the Intags.
  6. Our new ‘Toggle Overlay’, ‘Overlay for 10’, ‘Overlay for 20’, and ‘Click <1-10> on Overlay’ commands, help you enjoy the accessibility provided by our Overlays as you control your applications with Intags. See, Section 3 in our “Show Overlay Lesson.”
  7. We found an excellent, free, easy-to-use, free XML editor that makes it relatively easy to rename and edit VoiceComputer commands. You can download the editor from:

  8. We updated much of our documentation and we're continuing to work on this.

Ron, thank you for your message regarding the update.

I did not receive the link. Can you please send it to me?

Thank you very much.
We send links to our upgrades directly from our FetchApp server. It could've ended up in your Spam.

I just emailed you a link.

Note: We sent links to free upgrades to everyone who bought VoiceComputer since July of this year. If you bought before July, please buy an upgrade on our store at


RonK2018-12-04 21:00:59

Thank you, Ron, for the new features. It will take me a little time to play with these.

Please, can you explain why you have introduced this feature of toggling the intags on the taskbar? Personally, I can see no advantage here but maybe there is something that I’m not recognising.


I think that I have a problem with the new program.

Using the following page as an example:

The Daily Mail page in Chrome is populated with brown intags (using the extension). Now I say, “intag menu”. Red intags now populate the menu and the page with red intags that do not scroll. The red intags are replacing the brown.

Is this the correct behaviour where saying “intag menu” also intags the page with red intags?

can you explain why you have introduced this feature of toggling the intags on the taskbar?

Several users wanted the ability to turn the Intags on the taskbar off. One reason: recording the screen.

It sounds like you found a bug.

(Maybe it’s just a misfire of the command since we didn’t change anything to do with the Chrome extension.)

Close Chrome and restart it.

If you have the full VoiceComputer, use the “Close Chrome processes” command.

While testing the new release, I noticed that Chrome eats up memory - right now it’s taking 3GB with just a couple of tabs open.

I think I’ll try Microsoft Edge for a while…

Yes, the “close Chrome processes” works as a command. Unfortunately, I can easily replicate the problem across all pages. It is easier here to talk about “brown intags” (belonging to the extension) and “red intags” (applied without the extension). The brown and red intags give different numbers for the same page locations. I have had both occurring together, but that is difficult to replicate. For sure, when I say “intag menu” the whole Google page populates with red intags.

The red intags do function correctly when the number is called, e.g. one fifty four" but as soon as the page is scrolled, the red do not position correctly.

Nimbargent2018-12-07 09:50:03

Please email me (or post) a screenshot of this!

Before. Note appearance of the correct brown tags. Now go to page 2.

<edited><editID>Nimbargent</editID><editDate>2018-12-07 10:13:37</editDate></edited>

A second later after saying “intag menu”. Red intags replace the brown ones and reference numbers are different.

Nimbargent2018-12-07 10:10:01

This might just require a change to the ‘Intag Menu’ command. I’ll work on this.

In the meanwhile, Restart Speech and see if that fixes the problem.
If not.
Reboot your computer.
Let us know!

It is identical after a reboot.

I emailed you a file with a revised Intag Menu command.

Let us know if it works. If it does, I’ll attach it to a post and revise the next release.

Your fix, unfortunately, does not work. However, note that after saying “intag menu”, the focus is lost in the active Chrome window but can be recovered by saying “click” (then the brown intags re-populate). But as soon as a menu intag is called, the cursor moves to the number position and stays there, e.g. if 16 is go-back, the cursor moves to the go back key and remains there and does not return to the active window.

Can’t duplicate your problem but will keep trying. And, no other reports of this…

As you mentioned, you can use other commands for menu access. (We have a full set up commands for Chrome. To see the commands, say, “Show Chrome Lesson” and “Show Chrome Commands”.

.arkali2018-12-09 17:59:12

I can even get the red and brown intags appearing together using intag menu.

So intag menu is broken for me, but there is no real issue because I would use alternative commands.

Formula: brown intags number plus number of menu intags = red intag number

Formula not totally consistent but would indicate 25 menu intags in this instance.

<edited><editID>Nimbargent</editID><editDate>2018-12-09 04:20:15</editDate></edited>