Announcing VoiceComputer 2019, version 1.31

On 2/23, we released VoiceComputer and VoiceComputer Lite, version 1.31, the most recent in a series of improvements that we've been working on for the last several months.

This release helps with the Window's loss of focus problem (see Sections 6 & 7 in Show Intag Lesson), letting you maintain easy control of the computer with our Intags.
This release improves the Task #, Task # commands and the place Window commands, bringing you the fastest control of the Windows Desktop ever.
The release also improves how our Voice Mouse commands and our screen grid work with our Intag technology and updates dozens of lessons.
This release lets you import your overlays, custom commands, voice shortcuts, etc. from previous releases.

This release cleans up small bugs, lessons, and updates or removed all the old dlls (dynamic link library files used for holding multiple codes and procedures for Windows programs).
We've also updated the 'Search VoiceComputer' command.

If you've upgraded to VoiceComputer 2019, you'll be receiving an email with a link to the update.
Or, you can follow the link that you received with your order.

To purchase VoiceComputer 2019 or an upgrade, please visit our store at:

VoiceComputer, the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive, hands-free and fastest way to control your computer by voice.

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I installed the latest version of VoiceComputer, which appears to be version 1.25. However, when trying to determine whether the correct version number was installed by dictating “show VoiceComputer version” or going to the control panel the version number indicates version 1.15, not 1.25. Kindly advise if this needs to be downloaded again in order to get version 1.25.

You need to download the link again. Sorry, we've had several downloads in the last few weeks (and I think we're done for a while).

The version should read 1.2.5, even on the downloaded zip file.

I installed version 1.25. I uninstalled the previous version before doing so.

when I say mouse 5 (any number, same problem), voicecomputer restarts, causing the grid to disappear. It appears that voicecomputer attempts to restart several times before settling down. If I issue the mouse command again, I get the same reaction.

I also lost the “position window center” (any other position, fails as well) command.

I just reloaded my 2018 version, all seems well again.

What do you advise?

Thomas Reid2019-02-06 15:27:57


Not sure what is causing this, but isn’t “mouse 5” a built in Dragon MouseGrid command, which places the cursor in the center?


Yes, that’s right. It’s just a shortcut for the full mousegrid command. It works perfectly fine in the 2018 version.

I don't know what's causing the Mouse # problem. I can't duplicate it.

Is the VC icon in the middle of the screen?

Don't waste your time with the Dragon Mouse commands.

VoiceComputer's mouse commands are much faster and more comprehensive.

To see our mouse commands, say, "Show Mouse Commands"

> I also lost the "position window center"

Sorry ... we reduced the number of commands.

The current command is 'Place Window center/left/right/monitor two...'
With prior releases, you could also say, Position window right, put window right.
(We need a better way to let our users know that we reduced the number of ways you can say some of our commands.)

The basic problem is that VoiceComputer has a lot of useful commands. But if we keep adding commands, we'll slow down Dragon.

However, by reducing the number of alternative ways of saying a command, we can add more different types of commands instead of different ways of saying the same command. With Dragon, we can't do both.

RonK2019-02-06 18:17:08
Thanks Ron,

I reloaded the new version. I had not been using the voicecomputer mouse grid system. I appreciate you pointing that out, I can see its value. I'm using that now.

I am not sure what you mean by seeing the VC icon in the middle of the screen?

I have no problem at all with changing the command to move the window by using the keyword Place instead of Position. For me, that is a very useful function. Just glad we did not lose that capability.

By the way, initially, the mouse command (mouse #) worked just fine after the re-installation. However, after about an hour it has reverted to the description I gave yesterday. Now that I have a better way of doing it, not a big deal. Just seems strange.

Thank you again for the very quick response to my issue, and again for the product!
Thomas Reid2019-02-07 09:21:07

However, after about an hour it has reverted to the description I gave yesterday.

> Now that I have a better way of doing it, not a big deal. Just seems strange.

It is strange. Maybe I could log into your computer sometime next week. I’d really like to see what’s going on!

That would be fine.

I have found the repeatable pattern to the mouse issue in this thread.

1. I intag a window (then it doesn’t matter if I move off that window or stay on it, while that window is intagged)
2. I then issue the “mouse #” command
3. The mouse grid closes after a second or 2

When I un-intag the window, then the mouse command works fine.
Alternatively, if I wait about 4 or 5 minutes with the cursor off that window, the window seems to be losing its intag focus, then the mouse command works fine.

If I close the window that has been intagged, the problem persists. I must still “hide intags” prior to requesting the mouse #command.

Thomas Reid2019-02-08 13:27:16


Will try to duplicate this.

I am also not seeing the documented response to "configure microphone"

  1. This release makes it easy to configure the VC Microphone. “Configure VoiceComputer” > Training/Configuration for the VC Microphone.
I’m not seeing this menu option at all, I only see the old menu responses. Of course, this suggests that something did not get uninstalled when I uninstalled the old version. Should I have deleted a folder in addition to uninstalling the 2018 version of the program?

When I issue the “configure microphone” command, I get the dialogue to set how many hours/minutes that I want to reset the microphone to start back up.

When I “open voicecomputer” I definitely get the voicecomputer lite 1.2.5 splash screen.

Thomas Reid2019-02-10 09:07:35

You’re right.

The Lite version is missing these options.

Will fix it, add some more options and release a new version within a week.


Having another issue, that’s driving me crazy. I don’t know if it’s a Dragon problem, or not.

When I am scrolling down a window, I say , “page down”, if I say it within the 3 second apart protocol (that is, those 2 words together, repeated), then it turns my microphone off. Absolutely consistently. In fact, as I was typing this post, if I said “page down”, those 2 words, too closely together, then it would not dictate anything into this post. I had to say “page” wait a couple seconds, then say, “down” in order for it to dictate here. When I look at the dictation recognition history in Dragon, I see <???>.

Does this ring any bells for you?


Thomas Reid2019-02-10 12:33:17

Take a look at how you’ve configured Dragon Microphone’s hotkeys.

DragonBar>Tools>Options>Hot keys.

Interesting, the microphone off hotkey was set as the default {numkey+}, I deleted that, leaving the field blank. Now it is working just fine.

Can’t explain it, but thank you for pointing me to that option.

Any word on when the new version is coming out?

Another problem I’ve been running into with this new version. There seems to be a voice computer process that hangs around in the background until I issue a “hide intags” command. Once I call the intag window command, which normally works fine, then I go to another application, I have to remember to issue the “hide intags” command, even though the current window that I am working on is not tagged. Otherwise, a voice computer process starts up and closes repeatedly, causing severe disruption to whatever process I’m working on.

Today, I have been experiencing high frequency of “voicecomputer : could not complete mouse action” pop-up messages. This is typically happening on a chrome webpage, but was happening at other times as well. This was happening to the point that I reinstalled the software. That didn’t help. It just really started today, I don’t remember seeing that message before at all.

The new version has been out for several days but I haven’t announced it yet because we’re releasing an update with some improvements later today.

> high frequency of “voicecomputer : could not complete mouse action” pop-up messages.

The error message is usually due to a loss of focus. Issue the “Toggle” command to toggle the Intags off/on. Or, in Chrome, try the “Refresh Page” (or Function 5) command.

High frequency is unusual. A reinstall won’t help. First, try closing and reopening Chrome. Second, restart speech or reboot.

FYI, VoiceComputer never needs a reinstall. If you ever experience a major glitch just close VoiceComputer and Dragon and run “ConfigVC.exe” (or “ConfigVC_Lite.exe”) in the C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerscripts directory. This will reconfigure VoiceComputer as if it had just been installed. (We’ll add this as a ‘Reconfigure VC’ in the Start Menu > VoiceComputer directory in the new release.)

>Otherwise, a voice computer process starts up and closes repeatedly, causing severe disruption
> to whatever process I’m working on.

Understood. The VoiceComputer process runs when the computer loses focus in order to place focus for you. We’ve improved this in the new release AND we let you turn the process off. (Configure VoiceComputer > Configure Intags for Loss of Focus. Let me know if you need to turn the process off in the new release.

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The new versions of VoiceComputer and VoiceComputer Lite have been released…