Announcing VoiceComputer 2019, version 1.14

VoiceComputer is the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive and fastest way to control your computer by voice.

Version 1.14 is an essential release

This release updates the utility that starts/restarts VoiceComputer, updates the ways VoiceComputer handles loss of focus (see Sections 6 & 7 in Show Intag Lesson), improves the Task # command, improves how our Voice Mouse commands and our screen grid work with our Intag technology…

We consider this a security update since it cleans up small bugs, lessons, and removes old dlls (dynamic link library files used for holding multiple codes and procedures for Windows programs).

If you've upgraded to VoiceComputer 2019, you'll be receiving an email with a link to the update.
Or, you can follow the link that you received with your order.

To purchase VoiceComputer 2019 or an upgrade, please visit our store at:

(We'll be releasing version 1.14 for VoiceComputer Lite within a week.)

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