Announcing VoiceComputer 14

VoiceComputer 14 supports the new Dragon Professional Individual 14, Windows 10 and Office 2016.

VoiceComputer features the ground-breaking Intags, which deliver unprecedented simplicity and accessibility. - We will be releasing several updates in the next few months as we finish our development of Intags.

In the next few weeks, we will also be releasing a free macro set for Dragon Professional which will include macros that will help you create Dragon macros by voice. Many users don’t need any advanced macros and those who do will only need a few in order to maximize their productivity.

Technology guarantee: You will be able to freely download all updates for VoiceComputer until Dragon 15 and VoiceComputer 15.x are released (probably in two years), by just following the download link that you will be sent with your order.

So I upgraded to Voice Computer version 14 by first removing 13, restarting and installing 14 and then restarting again. Now I do not have my custom overlay’s from version 13. Looking at the file folders there is a VoiceComputer bk2 folder with the correct custom overlay XML document from version 13.

I have copied that into VoiceComputer bk1 and the Voice Computer folder plus I checked the the proper XML file version 13 is really there.

I have restarted my computer and I still have a blank overlay.

any ideas.

Phil Schaadt

Did you make a change in your mapping technology for intags?
Version 14 no longer correctly maps to my email program in Firefox where version 13 did

Phil Schaadt

No changes to the Intags technology.

Will email you.


Thank you for updating voice computer. I uninstalled the previous version and downloaded the new version. However, the new version shows as 13.5, is that correct?

In addition, whenever I try to open up voice computer, it says that it does not show Dragon installed. However, DNS 14 is certainly installed. In fact, I am dictating using it right now.


What email client are you using Firefox? I can't test it out unless you let us know.


<p>First, you can't just copy your overlays file<font face="Arial"> (CustomOverlays.xml) into the VoiceComputer folder under ProgramData. VoiceComputer has to re-map your VoiceComputer configuration to incorporate your my InTags commands.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>Try doing the following:</p>

<font face="Arial"><p>1.  Say "configure VoiceComputer".</p>
<p>2.  Say "9 open".</p>
<p>3. Say "8 open".</p>
<p>4.  Go to the location in ProgramData on your C drive and select your most current backup (i.e., bk1, bk2, etc. – whatever is the most current by date).</p>
<p>5.  Import it.</p>
<p>6.  Wait until you get the prompt that VoiceComputer has updated (remapped) your VoiceComputer configuration files.</p>

</font><p>If you don't do it that way, your most likely to run into the problem that you're experiencing.</p>

<p>I always test this in every version of VoiceComputer that we release, and it works fine for me using my custom overlays <font face="Arial">–</font> my InTags) in all four systems that I have installed it on prior to Ron releasing it.</p>

Sorry for the delay. Overlooked your post.

First, close Dragon and VoiceComputer and then copy the CustomOverlays.xml

from C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer.bkx where x is the largest number



Restart and everything should work.


Just to add a little bit to Ron's response, when you go to the download location you should see the following VoiceComputer 14 options:


Thanks Chuck before I saw your response here I had done a variation on what you described and things seem to be working at the moment with version 14.

I sent Ron an email as to what I did

Thanks for the help

Phil Schaadt

Chuck I tried your approach on a second machine with VC 13 which I upgraded to the C-14. I I went to the menu (8, 9) about upgrading from the previous my backup but nothing on the menu was about the three custom intag documents.

I clicked okay and waited for the complete message and then did a full restart. None of the three custom intag XML documents were changed so I still had to manually import my custom config file and then edit the current versions of the multiple XML files to reflect the 200 choices that I need for my custom overlay.

This upgrade went smoothly and after my manual updates my intags are working as before. it seems that on my other machine I had some kind of problem due to leftovers from VoiceComputer 11 and VoiceComputer 12 since I did not have those versions previously installed on this machine

Phil Schaadt

How do I get to the download location? In the past, I simply hit the last link your team sent for the previous upgrade.

This is a new version and you’ll need to buy an upgrade unless you’ve bought or upgraded VoiceComputer in the last three months.

Following Nuance’s upgrade schedule, our (paid) upgrades have been two years apart. Unlike Nuance, we have a 3-month grace period.

Dragon Professional Individual 14 broke this pattern. But all the other versions of Dragon are still version 13. So, it may be as long as 3 years before Dragon introduces version 15 and we release version 15.

Once you buy the VC14 upgrade, you’ll be able to freely download all VoiceComputer updates until Dragon 15 and VoiceComputer 15.x are released by just following the download link that you will be sent with your order.

I’m having an issue with intags showing up all over the place in File Explorer (running Windows 8). Unfortunately I can’t upload images because the Image Upload tool is telling me that my picture is failing the security scan and may include malicious code. < id="_npfido" =“applicationpfido” height=“0”>JohnPrz2015-10-02 13:27:23

I’m having an issue with intags showing up all over the place in File Explorer.

The only time I’ve seen this is if you have File Explorer resized (e.g., positioned on the left side of the screen and Intags are being displayed on the Windows desktop or in the program next to File Explorer.

The reason for this is that the ‘Name’ field is set wider than the width of the File Explorer Window, thus the Intags are being displayed in the Window next to File Explorer.

If this isn’t the case, email me the screenshot.

( what version of VC and Dragon are you using?)

The probable fix is to reboot your computer and try again and then uninstall / reinstall VoiceComputer.

Whenever you’re having weird problems, it’s easier to reinstall instead of wasting hours trying to figure out the why.

Just to follow up, on my other machine the upgrade went OK as you described Chuck. The second machine only ever had VC 13 installed. The first machine had leftovers from several earlier iterations of VC which likely caused my problems

Phil Schaadt

Thanks Ron; as it turns out there is no problem when File Explorer in full-screen mode.
I'm running DNS 13 Pro and VC14. I'm also running Vocola and KnowBrainer2015, if it matters.
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If you notice in the screen capture below, in any application window where the right right border is narrower than the end boundary in which you are attempting to use Intags, then the Intags will display outside of that border because the tag number is applied to the end of the file, folder, or link in that application window.

This screen capture was done with DNS 13 Professional, VoiceComputer 14.01, and Windows 10 File Explorer. Note what’s happening to the numbering display for Intags in this case.

In such cases, just extend the window until the in tag numbers are displayed correctly. That’s why when you maximize Windows File Explorer, all the numbers display correctly. I’ve had this occur on occasion with some application Windows and all I’ve had to do is expand the window or the column accordingly. It isn’t necessary to maximize the application window to get the numbers to display correctly.Chucker2015-10-05 17:38:35

Mine looks different.

JohnPrz2015-10-05 18:28:41