Announcing VoiceComputer 13.5.80

Version 13.5.80 is now available.

Our Intags speech interface is more tightly integrated into Windows than ever. Now when you open VoiceComputer, the Intags are displayed, letting you control your computer by just following numbers.

Intags are now refreshed as you control your desktop and your applications. Intags are even refreshed if you use a mouse or keyboard.

In the next week or so we will release some demonstrations to help you use Intags most productively.

This release includes an updated VC Microphone feature. The VC Microphone lets you turn the Dragon microphone on and off (even if it’s turned off). The VC Microphone can be placed in the Startup menu so you can start Dragon & VoiceComputer by voice and restart Dragon, VoiceComputer and even your computer if there are any problems. The VC Microphone can be now be customized for best accuracy. We will post documentation on the user forum.

Please send us an email with your Gmail address if you want a copy of our Chrome extension.


Is this a new Chrome extension? I have version Intag Chrome 0.6.21.


Same Chrome extension.




You may find, because we do have to update the Chrome extension, that there may be occasions in some Windows where you say a number which takes you to a new screen wherein the numbers don’t function.

Under that condition, simply reissue the command to Intag the window. That will refresh the numbers so that they will work properly. This doesn’t happen in every screen that you access and Google Chrome, but it does happen in some. So, just be aware of that and the method for refreshing the numbers.

Thanks Chuck, I will try to remember that.


To all,

Because of a number of modifications and changes to the current release of VoiceComputer 13.5.80, either Ron or myself will be adding some tips and tricks, as well as explanations over the next several days. Please feel free to ask any questions as always, but keep an eye on the tips and tricks that we will be providing as well as explanations that will prove helpful in making the transition to the latest release.

Ron and Chucker:

I cannot find the little video tour of VoiceComputer. In prior installations, it popped up on the desktop. Any idea where I can find it on version .80?

As always, much appreciated.