Announcing VoiceComputer 12.70.3

Happy Holidays!

At the beginning of December we released version 12.69 and I said that:

"Our numbers technologies make virtually every application accessible. And, we have made Accessibility fast and easy to use - you just have to follow and say the numbers."

In the subsequent month, we've been able to implement our solution at multiple sites. We have trained beginner users, and within one 3-hour session, our clients were able to achieve 80-90% hands-free computer control. Our clients found it easy to completely control their Outlook Inbox with Show Numbers, access their folder and files with Show Numbers, control their previously inaccessible Citrix installations with Super Numbers, and completely control their previously inaccessible Intranet sites with Show Chrome Numbers.

It was easy for our clients because they only had to learn a couple of commands and then just follow the numbers in order to control whatever they wanted.

As we work with our clients, we continually improve the program. We have fixed bugs and improved our documentation. We have changed the hotkeys for Super Numbers to F13 and F14. (Say, "Function 13" to insert a point, "Function 14" to delete a point. Or, you can insert a point with our Mouse Commands "Insert 45 at 37" and delete the point with the "Delete 45 at 37" command.)
We have fixed the Shift Click x, Control Click x, Control Click x and y, and Control x, y and z commands so that they now work with Outlook 2010 and 2013.
If you don't control your Gmail with our Chrome Commands or Outlook's Inbox and messages (2010 and 2013) with Show Numbers, check it out! (We plan to support Outlook 2007 soon.)

Since our new 12.70.3 release is just an improved version of our 12.69 release, we'll just repeat what we said then:

VoiceComputer’s Five Voice Numbers technologies now bring simple and complete voice access to just about everything on your computer.

Our numbers technologies make virtually every application accessible. And, we have made Accessibility fast and easy to use - you just have to follow and say the numbers.

These five commands, and their associated commands, will make your computer accessible like never before.
Show Numbers
Show Canvas (Super Numbers)
Show Chrome Numbers
Show Screen Grid (Voice Mouse)
Show Open Windows

We offer customization services to help you quickly make any application, database, Intranet site, or web app completely accessible. There is a license fee to use our Chrome Numbers or Super Numbers technologies to make government and corporate databases, Intranet sites and web apps accessible. The license fee will be used to pay for our development costs. Please contact us for more information.

Show Numbers now works with Outlook 2010 and 2012. Show Numbers now lets you completely control your Inbox and messages with a few simple commands. You can use our Show Numbers to open, delete and select messages, move emails to folders, and add attachments and open attachments.

Show Numbers and Super Numbers now work with different Windows text sizes and with zooming in Internet Explorer.

Our Show Chrome Numbers technology now works with zooming in Chrome and with larger text sizes in Win 7 and 8.
(But Chrome Numbers doesn’t yet work with the largest Windows text size in Win 7 and 8 and it only works with the smallest (default) text size in Windows 8.1)

If you bought VoiceComputer 12 after its mid-September 2012 release, you can download your free update by following the download link that you were sent with your order (or any more recent download links that we have sent you).
If you bought VoiceComputer before mid-September 2012, you can buy an update by purchasing our update on our store.

Thanks and enjoy hands-free computing!

Thank you so much, Run:

<div><br></div><div>Downloading 12.70.3 64 bit as we speak. Is there a 32-bit available?</div><div><br></div><div>Sad you are working on Sunday.</div><div><br></div><div>Merry Christmas and best wishes for the holidays,</div><div><br></div><div>Jim</div>

The 32 & 64 bit releases are now available for download.


<div><br></div><div>Ever since the previous version 12.70, I have been having instability problems with voice computer.  Whenever I open Outlook (Outlook 2010 (14.0 32 bit) ), and I use the, "show numbers" command on the inbox, I don't get a response and voice computer quietly closes.  Dragon stays open.  I checked to see that the DNS, add-in is enabled, and it is.  I am so excited about using the show numbers command on my inbox, once I get it working.</div><div><br></div><div>I use Outlook with my company's exchange server.  Is there something I am doing wrong?</div>


I’ve been testing 12.73 under both Windows 7 64-bit & 32-bit and Windows 8/8.1 64-bit with Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013. Show Numbers works just fine under all conditions.

However, using Outlook with your company is Exchange server shouldn’t make any difference. However, there are certain conditions that can interfere with Show Numbers in Microsoft Outlook.

If you can provide us with a clear step-by-step exactly what you’re doing and how you are issuing Show Numbers commands, I may be able to resolve some of your issues. What would be helpful is if you were to send me a couple of screen captures via e-mail to of exactly what happens when you use Show Numbers in Microsoft Outlook 2010, it might help me to understand whether or not there’s something unique to your install and use of Outlook 2010.