Announcing version 1.7, an update for version 1.6 and prior versions

We’ve released VoiceComputer 2021 and VC Lite version 1.7.
This is a free update for users of VoiceComputer 2021.

To download, just follow the link you received for VoiceComputer/VC Lite 2021.
This is a full release, so you need to uninstall your previous version of VoiceComputer before you install this.

This release fixes several bugs:

  1. This fixes an issue in version 1.6, where the Intags would close too frequently (e.g., when switching between programs).

  2. The ‘Could not complete mouse action’ bug has been fixed. (That is, when you issued a command to click on a control (e.g., “15”, the command would fail to click the control.)

  3. The Intags now number accessible controls in drop-down boxes. (Dropdown box controls that aren’t Intagged don’t have accessibility controls but you can still access them by saying their names or by using movement commands [up/down/left/right 1-20]).

  4. Controls in the Office’s Save as document type dropdown box are no longer Intagged since Intagging them causes the box to close. (You can use movement commands to access the document types.)

  5. Fixed a syntax error in the VoiceComputer open/shutdown utility that could prevent the program from shutting down.

  6. The ‘Show VoiceComputer version’ now correctly displays VoiceComputer 2021,v 1.6. (The version is also shown on the VoiceComputer control center. With VoiceComputer running, saying ‘Open VoiceComputer’.

Thanks as always for your terrific product support and being so responsive to your customers! Your team is one-of-a-kind.

Hi Ron, I have a lot of work to do today that requires using chrome drop-down menus. It sure would be great to install version 1.6 to make the job go easier. I have been checking my email for the notice but it has not arrived yet. Is it possible to send me a private message with the download link?


I (re) sent you the link.
The link that you receive with your order will always lead to the newest version of the product.
Just find your order and follow the link…

Ron –
I installed DPG 15.71 and VC 2021 1.6.
I primarily use Office 2013 (Outlook, Word) and File Explorer.
Intags don’t seem to be as reliably reappearing as I switch among windows (relative to the earlier version of VC 2021). I’m frequently having to use the “Show Numbers” command. Are you experiencing this too?
Thank you.

Hello there,
In repairing one bug, a new feature to make the program more robust that was in this year’s release was mistakenly left out. I have retested today with that new feature brought back in, and it is back to being more robust. Apologies!

Does this mean that I should uninstall VC 2021 1.6, re-download from the link, and then re-install? Thank you.

No. We need to test for a couple of days before we release the patch.

The fix (1.7) has been released.

Thank you, Ron. I’ve re-installed and it is working well.