Announcing VC 2017, v.2.20.5

VC 2017 v2.20.5 is now available for download by following the link you received with your order.

We urge you to upgrade to the new release if you have any version prior to 2.20 because version 2.20 and higher are cleaner and faster releases than previous ones.

Major feature in v2.20 and higher:

Our My Intags (Overlay) feature is more robust and accessible than every.

Now you can create My Intags for your inaccessible applications and screens by:

1. Creating Window specific overlays for your inaccessible applications that use different Window names for different pages. One example of this is Google Chrome (or IE, or Edge). You can now create Window specific overlays for each inaccessible web page / Intranet site that you access. Once you create an overlay for a webpage, you can access that page by just saying, “Show Overlay” and the Window Specific Overlay will be displayed.

2. Naming your overlays. Many databases have only one Window name for the entire application. But, now you can create up to 50 overlays for an application and name each one of them, making it easy to remember the overlay you need for a specific screen.

To learn more about these features say, “Show My Intag Lesson” and ask questions on this user forum.
To use these features, say “Configure VoiceComputer” and go to the ‘Make Window specific Overlays for your applications’ and the 'Name your Overlay (My Intag) commands."

And lastly, the new release has new configuration screens and a new icon. (But, the old icon will still be displayed on the system tray until the next release.)