Announcing v1.22 of VC 2020 / VC Lite 2020

We released VoiceComputer/ VoiceComputer Lite 2020 two months ago and we just released version 1.22

Desktop Control

We’ve added more "Place focus... " commands to make it easier to switch to other programs on your computer, whether you have 1, 2 or 3 monitors. The focus commands now include:
Place focus left/right; Place focus monitor one, Place focus monitor two, Place focus monitor two left, Place focus monitor two right, Place focus monitor three, Place focus monitor three left, Place focus monitor three right.
[And you can also switch to another application with one of our task commands: e.g., ‘Task 7’ to switch to application 7 on your taskbar.]

Start Menu commands

A recent Windows update disabled our Windows Start Menu commands, not a great loss since the Windows Start Menu was frustratingly difficult to navigate by voice.
Instead, we now have two workaround commands: 'Windows Start Menu' and 'Start Menu'.
These commands make it easy to navigate the start menu because they now display the display the Start Menu programs in an Intagged Windows Explorer Window,

Hiding the Intags

Our Intags are very useful but they sometimes can be too much of a good thing, so we have some macros that can make them easier to use.
If the Intags are blocking text or controls, you use our ‘Toggle’ command to toggle the display on/off
Intags refresh when you open a new window or other control. This lets you continue to control your applications by voice. But, if open a drop-down list, the Intags may refresh and close the drop-down list. Now you can use our ‘Toggle for <5, 10, 20>’ to close the Intags for 5-20+ seconds giving you time to move through a drop-down list before the Intags reopen.
And, of course, you can close the Intags with our ‘Close Intags’ command and reopen them with our ‘Intag that’ / ‘Intag Window’ commands.

We’ve added a "Print command list" command that lets you edit and print our command lists.
We also added a "Show Emoticons" command (and an “open Emoticons” command) for VoiceComputer 2020. The command is still in beta, so it is provided ‘As-Is”.

Loss of Focus

Windows lets hidden apps and utilities grab focus when you close or minimize programs. We’ve simplified our solution. VoiceComputer will now put focus under the mouse position.

VC Microphone

We've increased the ease-of-use and improved the performance of the VC Microphone and we've added a volume lock so that other programs won't change the volume of the VC Mic.
However, the VC Mic is not for the casual user, so we still recommend the VC Mic only to those who need hands-free use.


In this release we’ve updated our Intags so that they now properly number the tabs on the recent releases of Chrome and the new Chromium Edge.
The new releases of Chrome are now fully accessible so our built-in Intags will number Chrome without our Chrome extension. However, the built-in Intag are s..l..o..w since they number both the top-level menu and the webpage.

So, it's still best to use our Chrome extension, which quickly numbers the webpages.

Note: if you're using a 4K screen, Chrome may simultaneously display both the built-in Intags and the Chrome extension Intags. If you see this, confirm that the focus is within Chrome and then say, 'Close Intags' (repeat if necessary, to close all the Intags) and say 'Intag that' or 'Intag Window'. Just the Chrome extension Intags will be displayed.
Microsoft introduced a beta of a new Chromium Edge and our Intags work with it. Once they release the program, we’ll introduce an Edge extension if it’s needed.

Bug fixes

This release fixes all the issues that’ve been reported to us: A bug that sometimes caused VoiceComputer to crash; issues that caused our Intags to malfunction; and a bug that led to double numbering of the Intags on the taskbar.


RonK2019-10-16 08:55:42


These updates are great! I downloaded the update yesterday afternoon and in the less than 24 hours I have been using it I have noticed substantially less issues with less of focus compared with 2019.



I was using the voice Access app on android and it has a nice feature I think would be nice for voicecomputer so I thought I would mention it. It labels things on the screen with different numbers similar to voicecomputer. And when you need to scroll down, if there’s more than one thing to scroll down it lets you select a number. So when I want to scroll down a certain part of the screen where the number 5 is, I just say scroll down 5. That would let me scroll down the part of the screen where the 5 is.

This is an old but inactive feature of VoiceComputer.

Specifically, VoiceComputer has # page down, # page up, # down 1-5

(It’s inactive because if we activated all the features, they’d slow Dragon down to a crawl.)

You can find these commands in the ‘commented’ out section in our displaynumbers.xml command file located in the C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputerCommandsCustom directory.
You can search for "<1to300cf> page down"

It’s easy to activate the commands if you know how to edit XML commands. (It helps to have a (free) XML editor.
If you don’t know hwo to edit commands, I can post an edited file for your use.