Announcing update for VC 2020 and VC Lite 2020

Announcing VoiceComputer 2020 and VoiceComputer Lite 2020

We continue to improve VoiceComputer throughout the year but, we've made several changes in the last few months that require a whole new version.

In this release we've updated our Intags so that they now properly number the tabs on the recent releases of Chrome and the new Chromium Edge.

The new releases of Chrome are now accessible so our built-in Intags will number the Chrome without our Chrome extension. However, the built-in Intag are s..l...o..w because they number both the top-level menu and the webpage.

So, it's still best to use our Chrome extension!

Note: if you're using a 4K screen, Chrome may simultaneously display both the built-in Intags and the Chrome extension Intags. If you see this, confirm that the focus is within Chrome and then say, 'Close Intags' (repeat if necessary to close all the Intags) and say 'Intag that' or 'Intag Window'. Just the Chrome extension Intags will be displayed.

Microsoft introduced a beta of a new Chromium Edge and our Intags work with it. Once they release the program, we'll introduce an Edge extension if it's needed.

Our Intags are very useful but they sometimes can be too much of a good thing, so we have some macros that can make them easier to use.

If the Intags are blocking text or controls, you use our 'Toggle' command to toggle the display on/off

Intags refresh when you open a new window or other control. This lets you continue to control your applications by voice. But, if open a drop-down list, the Intags may refresh and close the drop-down list. Now you can use our 'Toggle for <5, 10, 20>' command to close the Intags for 5-20+ seconds giving you time to move through a drop-down list before the Intags reopen.

And, of course, you can close the Intags with our 'Close Intags' command and reopen them with our 'Intag that' /'Intag Window' commands.

This release fixes all the issues that have been reported to us: A bug that sometimes caused VoiceComputer to crash; issues that caused our Intags to malfunction; and a bug that led to double numbering of the Intags on the taskbar.

We've added a "Print command list" command that lets you edit and print our command lists.