Announcing the Everything is Now Accessible Beta

Accessibility through Super Numbers!

This Beta of VoiceComputer may be the easiest-to-use, most productive and accessible speech recognition program ever!

Super Numbers now includes three components:

1. All-new extension for Google Chrome

Now you control access and control Chrome by voice or keyboard!
Mouse-free Browsing
Control Google Gmail
Control Trello, Asana and thousands of other modern web-sites by voice or keyboard

Includes Patented Voice Multi-tasking!

Work in your applications while you issue voice commands to view and control your Gmail
Work in your applications while you browse the Internet by voice
Work in your applications while you control Trello, Asana and thousands of other modern web-applications by voice

2. Improved Show Canvas

Click anywhere!

Every program, every window, every screen location is now accessible.
Brings easy accessibility to your programs.
Previously inaccessible programs such as graphics programs, remote control sessions, are now accessible

Now you can Click, Right Click, Double Click, Drag and Drop, Shift Click, Alt Click, Control Click and Draw at any screen locations
Easy customization – no scripting required

3. Improved Display (Show) Numbers

Improved mouse-free accessibility of most programs

Now includes Click, Right Click, Double Click, Drag and Drop, Shift Click, Alt Click, Control Click and Draw, and Follow and Double Follow Commands

To request a copy of this beta, please email us at

RonK2013-05-23 08:26:42


I am having a challenge with show numbers on the beta. In the past, a number would always correspond with virtually every link on an Internet page such as my Yahoo. Now, in some of the frames, I see the numbers lined up in a straight line, but they’re not corresponding to the link. So, if I issue a command to click on the number, nothing happens at times.


Try refreshing the page.


I am still having a problem even after refreshing etc. essentially, when I issue the command, “show numbers” it puts numbers in a straight line in big and black numerals. The straight line is not over the hypertext but to the right of them. As a result, when I say click the number, not much happens. In the previous version, each hypertext was associated with a number. It appears that I may be missing some piece of software or something. What I just described happens in Firefox and Internet Explorer exactly the same way.

Go to screen resolution and then follow the “Make text and other items larger or smaller”. The setting has to be 100%. All “Show Numbers” technologies have this limitation. We will address this after we get everything else working. You may have to reboot for the changes to take effect.

RonK2013-05-26 11:25:37


This is what i see currently. Should I make a change?

This is how my resolution option looks. i believe it is at 100%. Should I change it?

The image didn’t come through. Please email it to me.
< id=“plugin0” =“application/x-dgnria” width=“0” height=“0” style=": ; : 1000">< name=“tabId” value=“2”>


I hope you can see the attached file. It depicts exactly what I see when I say, “show numbers” in a typical my Yahoo page. If I click on one of those numbers, not much happens because they are not aligned with the hypertext below them.


Most of the numbers do appear to line up, but I am guessing that you mean numbers like 40, 51 and 67. I looked at '' and found that for sections of the page like :-

Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio join U.S. … Reuters - Tue, May 21, 2013
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pop singer Kelly Rowland and Mexican singer-actress
Paulina Rubio have signed onto "The X Factor" judging panel replacing Britney Spears
and More »

the clickable number appears on the lines between the hyperlinks on the first and fourth lines.

Is that what you mean?



You’ll notice a straight line of numbers on the left-hand side that are skewed to the right of the hypertext content. I think they go from 37 to about 77. None of that text can be opened with any of those numbers. In a My Yahoo page, those represent favorites which I use all the time. The numbers works in some sites but is skewed or needs adjustment in other sites. In the previous version to this last beta, a number lined up with essentially every single hypertext I saw.


If you open the “configure VoiceComputer” dialog and select number 12, you can set the background color and size of the font For “Show Numbers” and “Super Numbers”. Try setting the font size to small. See if that makes a difference.

Unfortunately I can’t duplicate your problem because I am using the latest version of Yahoo! Mail and I don’t have any favorites like yours configured. I’m going to try to set that up so that it similar to yours, but it’ll take a while because I don’t use Yahoo!'s Mail.

In the meantime let me know when changing the font size does. Nevertheless, and generally speaking, the length of the overlay for each number shouldn’t make any difference as far as accessibility is concerned. Have you tried the other commands for Display/Show Numbers? That is, have you tried “double-click #” and/or “follow #” or “double follow #”? I’m pretty sure that all the numbers in your Yahoo! Mail display don’t require double clicks. Nonetheless, try these commands.

What version of Windows and what version of Internet Explorer are you using?Chucker2013-05-28 07:31:48

I am having a similar problem in xplorer2 and I have tried both Medium and Small numbers. If I try to double click the numbers in the left pane, from 42 to 96, the command ‘double click x’ works with some numbers but not others, (see second screen shot). What seems to happen is that the required number is selected but the double click does not happen until I say ‘double click’ a second time, and that works.

Is it anything to do with the fact that the numbering changes from one issue of the ‘display numbers’ command to another?

In the first screen shot, where the same files are numbered from 44 to 98, all I get when I issue the command ‘click 81’ is a dong sound, and nothing appears in the results box. I can, however, click all other numbers on that pane except 73 which either gives a dong or shows ‘click 70 at 3’ in the results box.

Sometimes when issuing the command ‘click 81’ it is interpreted as ‘click 21’ and the search box appears. But maybe this is a Dragon problem.



To a certain extent recognizing numbers may be a Dragon problem. However, opening files requires a double-click #in all Windows whether it be xplorer2 or Windows Explorer.

Let me know if double-click works on files in xplorer2.

Also, in Show Numbers/Display Numbers, you can also use the follow command and double follow command to automatically refresh Show Numbers/Display Numbers in the subsequent screen(s) when it/they Open.

Gary & Viv,

With the exception of the Chrome extension, Show Numbers/Display Numbers can be problematic under some circumstances because this feature is only capable of identifying accessible objects.

One suggestion that I would make is that if you find yourself in a situation where Show Numbers/Display Numbers doesn’t work well, try using Super Numbers. Yes, you have to define all of the links that you want to number with Super Numbers, but it is more powerful and allows you to create multiple overlays that are specifically linked to whatever application window you’re using. There are many cases where I prefer Super Numbers over Show Numbers.

In addition, with multiple overlays, I can very quickly continue to the screens that I want and all you have to do is to create a new overlay in each application window. More tedious, perhaps. But definitely more reliable simply because it will always execute properly and you can easily modify each overlay that you create by adding numbers or removing numbers. So, the hard work is basically creating your first overlay, even though this is very easy anyway. To me, Super Numbers is far more functional than Show Numbers/Display Numbers in many instances. Sometimes I don’t want everything numbered, but I can always change it in less than 10 seconds if I need to add or remove numbers.

One further point. Super Numbers can be used anywhere in any application window. It has no limits because you define by number what you want Super Numbers to act on. You can place a number in an overlay anywhere in any screen. There are absolutely no limitations to what you can do with Super Numbers. For example, with Super Numbers you can even make anything in Firefox webpages accessible. Something you can’t do with any Show Numbers utility. It’s even better than mouseless browsing in Firefox.Chucker2013-05-28 16:55:29


My setting was already for small font. I even tried to set it to large font and that did make a difference. However, we need to keep in mind that the previous version of, “show numbers” did cover each and every important hypertext. So, we know it is in the realm of possibilities.


Basically, in looking at your screen capture, it shouldn't make any difference how the Show Numbers bar is displayed for any object, nor should it make any difference where the number is placed. Based on what I see, it should work.

Therefore, I'm a little confused as to what you're actually referring to. If you're talking about the top and bottom numbers on the left side of your Yahoo! screen, they extend off the page because the links extend off the page at both the top and the bottom. Still, it shouldn't give you a problem in terms of accessing those (i.e., click 37, click 77, etc.). It would be helpful if you would explain more precisely what it is that you mean. And what numbers are not working.

We're continuing to look at this and will make appropriate changes if necessary, but it would be helpful if you would give us a little more detail as to what is or is not working under the current Show Numbers in terms of your experience.


In reference to your comment that the new version of VoiceComputer’s show numbers doesn’t work with the screen you’re accessing in Yahoo but our previous version of Show Numbers did work.

The explanation is simple. We invented a whole new way to make virtually any web site completely accessible. So we completely reprogrammed Show Numbers.

We’re starting to implement our invention in Google Chrome. Chrome is finally accessible through speech recognition. We now provide more control of Gmail in Chrome than can get in any other solution. And, in a week or so, we’ll put our toolset to work on Gmail so that it is almost 100% accessible. We just finished work on an Intranet site that was 0% accessible and it is now 100% accessible.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll make hundreds of top web sites and web 2.0 applications fully accessible through Chrome. Applications like Asana that are not accessible by any other technology.

Please try Yahoo! mail in Chrome and let us know how it works. In a week or two, we can work with you to make it fully accessible.

After we finish our Chrome project, we’ll then implement our solution in IE and Firefox.

At the end of the road, “Everything will be Accessible” thanks to a great invention by our programmer.

Angel investment is welcome.
RonK2013-05-30 09:17:27

Yes! It works well in chrome. Thank you for letting me know. I’m going to try to use chrome as much as possible.