Announcing SP Professional

UPDATE 01-30-2019

I have just released SP 5.5 Professional Edition (the previous SP 5.0 version is now the Standard version).

SP 5.5. Pro gives you a whole new level of speech functionality with the enhanced Pro Dictation Boxes, extended Application Activation Commands and a global Quick Store version that works in all browsers and applications. There’s the powerful Hotkeys for Dragon utility that enables you to store 72(!) Dragon voice commands as Hotkey. But that’s not all, you also get the brand-new SP Ergonomic Editor an interesting alternative to DragonPad.

Of course Select-and-Say Chrome Search is part of the package and last but not least the very convenient Dragon & VoiceComputer Restart utility which restarts Dragon and/or VoiceComputer almost instantly.

Of course SP 5.5 Pro is very compatible with VoiceComputer. It does a great job in tagging the various buttons in the Dictation Boxes, Hotkeys for Dragon edit fields and all the toolbars and menus in SP Editor: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4

SP Pro costs $45 but current SP users can upgrade for $20

Speech Productivity explicitly recommends VoiceComputer as the best hands-free solution.


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Wow! There are some really nice improvements in this version. I’m sure there are others like me that are constantly inputting into text boxes on the Internet. I do that often because I teach class at times and that requires a lot of reading and responding. This new version combined with voicecomputer intags is unbeatable. I am able to call up a new version of dictationbox, input text, and have it read back without me having to highlight and command. Most importantly, it allows me to pause in the middle of the read back so that I can make the corrections and then say “resume” and it continues exactly where it left off. On top of that, when I say transport, it transfers the text and pulls up a brand-new box. Often, I say, " hide" and the box gets out of the way until I issue a command, " activate" and it comes back. That is just one group of improvements. It’s awesome and goes really well with VC intags.

Here is the first of a series of demonstration videos I will be creating for SP Pro. This one is about SP Editor replacing all flat apostrophes in a text with curved apostrophes in one go (make sure to set this video to full screen when watching it):

I'm also going to create a video specifically about the benefits of combining VoiceComputer with SP Pro.

Am I correct in thinking that Hotkeys will not respond to a Voice Computer command so it will be necessary to create a Dragon HeardWord command to use Hotkeys, e.g. HeardWord “show”,“numbers”?

Yes that is correct because "show numbers" is not a Dragon Command but a VoiceComputer command. But if you emulate it with a HeardWord command it becomes a Dragon command. In a similar way you could create hotkeys for "show overlay", "close overlay", "show screen grid", etc..

Strangely enough, although actually it makes sense, you can program the intag numbers because they will respond with Hotkeys. Technically speaking, saying numbers is uttering a Dragon commands, well not really commands but accessible items on the screen. That is why most top level menu items, and main dialog buttons can also be programmed as hotkeys in Hotkeys for Dragon.

If I remember correctly there already is (or was) a native Hotkey in VoiceComputer to call up and hide the intags, Ron?
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Thank you, Rob, for your clarification. With the necessary intervening Dragon commands, Voice Computer

commands with you Hotkeys work well.