Announcing SP 7 PRO - The Dragon® Enhancement & Productivity Suite

With the kind permission of Ron we would like to announce the new SP 7 PRO . This powerful and versatile Dragon® add-ons package features a total of 40 productivity modules. Best of all, it is very compatible with VoiceComputer!

In version 7 existing modules were redesigned and updated to give an even smoother performance while taking up less real estate. On top of that, we’ve added 10 brand-new modules.

In this version we’ve taken the concept of customization to the max. You can completely adjust most modules to your own needs. Not only when it comes to window/font size and colors, but also when it comes to the menu names. That’s right you can, for instance, create a completely customized SP Dictation Box version. And what about constructing your own virtual hands-free starting page with Launching Zone?

SP 7 PRO is extremely feature-rich. There’s very little it cannot do. It really covers all bases. Here’s an overview of all SP 7 PRO features:

Powerful tools to dictate and edit in speech unfriendly applications:
All-in-One© Dictation Box - The most powerful Dictation Box ever!
Quiet Box© - Auto Transfers for all your short dictations.
SP Editor© - Fast, ergonomic, feature-rich alternative to DragonPad®.
Quick Correct© - The advanced voice Search & Replace window.
SP Text Tools© - Direct voice text correction in any application.
Spell in any application© - Even in the most speech unfriendly ones!
Enhancements for the Dragon® dictation box - Add more power to it!

Window activation, sizing & positioning, custom translucency:
Enhanced Application Activation© - Activate anything you see!
Advanced Placement© - Precise window placement.
Absolute and Relative Sizing© - Ultimate voice window sizing.
Global Translucency© - Make any window translucent.
New Size© - Additional GUI driven window sizing tool.
Placer© - The “List Applications” tool on steroids!

Effective note-taking by voice
HyperNotes© - The fastest way to create your plain text notes.
TopicNotes© - Take fast note-taking to a whole new level!
Dictation to WAV© - Quickly save your text as a playable WAV file.
Quick Store© - Lightning fast storing of website text and URLs.

Hands-free launching, searching & scrolling control:
SP Search© - Select-and-say enabled web search in all browsers.
SP Glide© - The universal voice scrolling tool for browsers and editors.
Launching Zone© - Construct your own hands-free starting page!

Enhanced accessibility & mouse control:
SysTray© - Complete hands-free control of the notification area.
SP Press Utility© - Keep the mouse buttons pressed by voice.
Find Me© - Quickly locate your mouse pointer by voice.
SP Auto Clicker© - Dwell Click utility with various interesting options.
SP Grid© - The fastest 400 cell Pointer Grid (multi-monitor support).
Speaker© - Text To Speech (TTS) that works everywhere, always!
SP Lens© - Easy to use, “nonintrusive” portable screen lens.
Mike Level© - Directly control and maintain Dragon® microphone level.

Advanced hotkey control:
SP Hotkey Manager© - Launch up to 999 programs with a Hotkey.
Hotkeys for Dragon© - Convert any Dragon® command to a Hotkey!
Dragon® & VC Restart© - Instantly restart Dragon®, KB, VC and SS+.

The most versatile voice utilities:
SP Voice Calculator© - Do all your calculations simply by voice.
SP Process Killer© - Kill any process/application quickly by voice.
SP Startup Manager© - Manage applications that start with Windows.
SP Clipboard Viewer© - Monitor your clipboard in real time.
SP Pause Reminder© - Highly configurable Dragon® break reminder.

For voice coders:
SP Code Prep© - Dictation Box & Syntax Highlighting combined.
Plates© - Create large collections of manageable boilerplates/strings.
Transit© - Rapidly insert any code snippet or string into your target.

Highly customizable with SP Configuration Manager©
Customize the modules’ sizes, fonts, colors, backgrounds to suit your own needs. But wait, in SP 7 PRO you can now also change the button names. That’s right. What about changing the Dictation Box “TRANSFER” button into “GO”, or “Sssjjj” and having Dragon® respond to it? What about changing the “CANCEL” button to “Goodbye”. Here’s a demonstration video of that feature. Feel free to create your custom Dictation Box©, Quiet Box©, Plates©, Grid©, etc. version!

SP 7 PRO is aimed at experienced, high demanding Dragon® users. If you are a novice or medium-skilled user you may be interested in the new SP 7 Standard .

Please visit the updated Speech Productivity Website for more details. If you visited before you may need to refresh the page (press F5).


Rob Meulman, SP developer

Tom Reid SP 7 PRO programmer