Announcing SP 6 PRO - The Dragon Enhancement & Productivity Suite

Thanks to Ron for allowing us to post on this forum we (2 VoiceComputer users :grinning:) proudly announce:

SP 6 PRO - The Dragon Enhancement & Productivity Suite

A comprehensive and versatile package of 21 Powerful Dragon Add-ons.

We strongly recommend using VoiceComputer with Speech Productivity products for enhanced hands-free control. You’ll get more done in less time and VoiceComputer is also a great way to prevent Voice Strain. Because after all, simply saying numbers is usually less cumbersome than speaking menus or button names :slight_smile:

SP 6 PRO features:

The new All-In-One Dictation Box (watch the Demonstration Video ) is the ultimate solution for (longer) dictations into speech unfriendly applications. Many interesting features were added like: Adjustable Auto Transfer, Auto Get Text, Auto Font Size Adjust, Enhanced Citrix support, Intelligent Punctuation, support for all popular casings like Camel, Pascal, Snake, Kebab and the additional option to (always) force text in the box to lowercase.

We added the innovative Dual Mode which can act as a spare clipboard to complement your workflow. In addition there is Simple Mode, Advanced Mode and Compact Mode.

This box has many Accessibility views like High Contrast, Visually Impaired, Transparent, Translucent, and 5 additional Color Themes. We also significantly improved the integrated proofreading features in the box. Not only can you quickly adjust voice, reading speed and volume but you can also determine whether punctuation marks should be read out or not.

The All-In-One Dictation Box comes with a fully integrated and revised Quick Correct (Advanced Search & Replace) module with text highlighting. It adds another 30 special text editing functions to the box.

We even managed to crank up the loading speeds some more. You will love this box! Actually, the demonstration video is a bit outdated already (V.6.127) since the current version is V.6.241. That’s how fast development of SP 6 PRO goes :-).

The completely revised Advanced Application Activation (watch the Demonstration Video ) allows you to activate ANYTHING you see in the taskbar. Forget about the Dragon switch to command which will only work for (global) executable applications. Not only can you directly activate/focus every instance of an application but also pictures, PDFs, HTMLs or any other file type that is running in the background or taskbar, you can also directly close them. You don’t even need to say the full file/application name, part of the name will do as well.

Want more? Placer is an additional activation tool that lists all running applications allowing you to activate, kill or place them in any of the 16(!) grid locations. You can conveniently blacklist applications you don’t want to see in that list anymore.

With the Enhanced Global Placement feature (watch the Demonstration Video ) you can easily place any window anywhere on the screen. You can move a window by tiny bits, make it follow your mouse cursor, or dynamically place it relative to the previous active window.

The same goes for the enhanced Global Window Sizing feature.

What about making virtually ANY application like Word, Outlook, Chrome, Edge, Thunderbird etc. translucent (up to 10 levels) with the new Global Translucency feature. Picture the possibilities this will allow you to work in those applications while keeping an eye on the underlying windows. Making everything completely opaque again only takes just one single voice command!

We proudly present SysTray the innovative tool to approach the notification area (tray icons) by voice. You will not only see all the icons’ tooltips in one glance (so you know what they represent) but you can also directly activate them, choosing a left or right click. The program gives you several options to approach the notification area items. You can use the reference number, select by dictation or simply move up or down the list to activate your item.

Like to store more Strings, Templates and Boilerplates than Dragon can hold before it gets slow? Want to quickly TRANSFER/TRANSPORT them to your target applications?

Plates is a SQLite database driven tool that will help you create and manage a large amount of strings, templates and boilerplates by voice. If you’re a medical worker, programmer, translator, lawyer or if you simply want to avoid the limitations of the Dragon Command Browser then Plates is for you.

We’ve added a universal hotkey solution. SP Hotkey Manager allows you to launch any executable file (or PDF) with a hotkey of your choice. Quickly launch any application like Word, Notepad, Paint, SP Editor, Quick Correct, Visual Studio with a (single key) hotkey. The program allows loading over 900 applications so the only limit is the amount of keys on your keyboard ;-). This is the tool many (partially disabled) Dragon users have been waiting for!

Want to quickly kill any application by voice? Maybe kill several applications in one voice command? It’s easy enough with SP Process Killer . You get a convenient sample command and the only thing you need to change is the name of the application (exe) you want to kill. It just does not get any easier than this. From now on you won’t need Batch or VBS files for that anymore. And no, you also will not need AHK or any other macro language anymore either ;-).

Dragon users who don’t want to install the Chrome extension because it can cause Dragon freezes appreciated the Select-and-Say enabled Chrome Search in SP 5 Pro. Those users will definitely love the new Global SP Search . It supports Select-and-Say searches in main browsers like Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera and Firefox.

SP HyperNotes is the fastest way to store simple notes by voice. This utility was sold separately before but is now part of SP 6 PRO. We added some serious enhancements and you’re going to love it!

The same goes for SP Press Utility (watch the Demonstration Video ). It’s the ultimate hands-free mouse buttons tool. We added interesting new options like keeping the left mouse button pressed for a variable number of seconds and “release copy” which will automatically copy text you selected with the mouse on release.

Another module that Dragon users will appreciate is the new SP Startup Manager . It offers a quick and easy solution to place certain SP modules in your Windows startup folder (like SP Pause Reminder, Hotkeys for Dragon or SP Hotkey Manager). You can simply enable or disable these items. The tool also facilitates adding other programs to your Windows startup folder.

SP 6 PRO also includes all the appreciated modules of version 5. They have all been thoroughly revised and improved. Significant enhancements were done to SP Editor , Quick Correct , Speaker and Quick Store . Of course Dragon & VC Restart (watch the Demonstration Video ) which also supports restarting of KnowBrainer and SpeechStart is part of the package as well. But this time you can use the new SP Hotkey Manager to set your own hotkeys!

It’s easy to lose yourself in such a powerful package and spend hours and hours behind your computer. You want to save your eyes and your voice and yes, we know just how that goes :-(.

You told yourself over and over again to take frequent breaks but it seems that you’re not able to control yourself. It is really about self-control? No, it’s a matter of choosing the right tool. That’s where SP Pause Reminder steps in :-).

In addition you get some of the most popular Legacy Modules as well.

Needless to say that this package offers incredible value for your money. Some six weeks ago we sent upgrade offers to current SP 5 Pro users so they would get a chance to get their hands on it first. The response has been quite overwhelming to say the least :-).

We offer this powerful package at an introduction prize of only $75. Every new module we add to this version will be free of charge if you purchase SP 6 PRO now.

Hi, SP 6 Pro looks pretty nice. I’m currently using SP 5, and I’m having an issue with the new program I started using. The program is called unigram and when this program is active and When I call the Dictation box, It shows up in the background. Do you know any solution to this?

Yes, there’s an easy solution for this. Open your Command Browser (Script Mode) and locate the command Dictation Box

Double-click it and add the following (on a new line) to the script section:

Wait 800
C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech Productivity\window positioning\activate dictation box.exe

This adds an additional activation procedure to the voice command.

Let me know if that works for you.


Hi, I tried to add the lines but it gives me a (4) syntax error.

Sorry, sloppy of me I forgot to add AppBringUp in the second line and the correct folder. This is the proper syntax for this:

AppBringUp "C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech Productivity\window activation\activate dictation box.exe"

Hi, the code was accepted but it did not fix the issue

Is the file activate dictation box.exe still present in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech Productivity\window activation ?

If so you may try to set the Wait Time in the script to 1000 (or more) it may be a timing issue.

If that does not help, please contact me and I will send you an improved activation executable.

Try putting a variable name just before the program name:

AppBringUp “t”, "C:\…

in this case the variable name is simply “t” and notice there is a comma between the variable name and the start of the program name.

Hello Earthvoice, I have installed Unigram. Of course, I use version 6 of SP and am having no problems using the dictation box with it.