Announcing SP 5.0 Dragon Add-ons


Dear forum members,

With kind permission of Ron I would like to announce SP 5.0 the fifth generation of the Speech Productivity suite for Dragon Professional (preferably DPI 15).

For those who are not yet familiar with SP, its main feature is the Fastest and Safest Dictation Box for Dragon. Watch the VIDEO to see it in action! The Quick Dictation Box loads in less than 0.5 seconds, has razor-sharp text (even on very high resolution monitors) and gives you optimal safety. You can place the box anywhere on the screen with convenient voice commands and you can program it into handheld microphones like the Philips SpeechMike.

Furthermore, SP works great in combination with VoiceComputer and you can use the Intags to control several elements of SP much more conveniently.

You get additional Dictation Box versions like Large, Advanced, TTS, High Contrast, Tiny and more. Each Dictation Box has its own voice command but any of these boxes can be set as your default Dictation Box. After that you can not only use the default “Dictation Box” voice command but also use Hotkey control to launch it instantly and transfer the text as well.

SP gives you additional Power Commands to dictate “directly” into speech unfriendly messenger and chatboxes.

SP 5.0 new features:

Dictation Box Advanced

A highly responsive Dictation Box that supports full formatting, bullets, text search, colorizing and Dragon AutoText (Boilerplate) commands. You can even insert pictures. This Dictation Box is mainly aimed to dictate into Office applications that don’t yet support Select-and-Say like Ashampoo office, LibreOffice etc. This Dictation Box has a formatting menu ribbon which can be controlled more easily with VoiceComputer Intags.

Dictation Box Log

An extra layer of protection on top of the safety that the SP Dictation Boxes already offer out-of-the-box. This Dictation Box version automatically and permanently logs all your dictation to a dedicated text file in your Documents folder. Convenient for tracing back dictation from weeks or even months ago.

Dictation Box TTS

A Dictation Box with additional proofreading features. Various voice parameters can be set and you can save your dictation to a WAV file. This version is meant for quick proofreading before transferring the text. If you want to do more extensive proofreading you may prefer using Speaker which is also part of the SP 5.0 package and contains some convenient reading commands.

This Dictation Box also has much more buttons and can therefore be controlled more easily with VoiceComputer Intags.

Dictation Box Placement commands

Place any of the Dictation Boxes in the upper left, upper right, bottom left, bottom right corner or place it back into the center of the screen. There is also a small utility called “Screen Position” that gives you even more placement options. VoiceComputer intags also work great here.

Activate Explorer

Directly activates the last minimized Windows Explorer window.

USB device

Direct voice access to the Safely Remove Hardware tray icon in the taskbar. This little tool will be greatly enhanced if you use it in combination with VoiceComputer.

Of course SP 5.0 also features:

– Immediately restart Dragon (and VoiceComputer) with a Hotkey using Dragon & VC Restart.

– Select-and-Say enabled Chrome Search

– Rapid storing of website URLs and webpage text with Quick Store

– Proofreading and convenient reading commands with Speaker.

– A better way to restore applications from the taskbar with Application Activation Commands.

SP 5.0 only costs $25. Visit the Speech Productivity Website for more information.

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This program combined with voice computer is very awesome. It really solves the riddle of how to input in text boxes without worrying about browsers and Dragon friendly type applications. This latest version is incredibly productive. I use the dictation box called, “dictation box TTS”. This one allows me to dictate and then issue the usual read command but with the ability now to pause, correct the mistake and then click resume. So, if you have a need to dictate into dictation boxes I strongly recommend this program which I by the way found on this forum. There are many other dictation boxes that come with this inexpensive program as well. Combined with voice computer I now can kick back in a chair callout intags and then quietly dictate within a large and roomy dictationbox. I paid very little for the program and got the upgrade for free.

I’m impressed by how responsive the program is. It’s neat that you can now insert pictures as well. Are there any tutorials that go more in-depth about the new features btw?

I like to use the proofreader dictation box. It is fantastic. Essentially, I can dictate multiple paragraphs, issue the, “read me” command and then say, “pause” when I encounter an error. I then say, “resume” and it continues reading from the exact point it left off at. It is saving me an enormous amount of time and I am now substantially more confident in my longer posts. I am so happy I found this little program. Between it and intags, lately I just sit back in my desk chair and dictate away.

Thank you Gary and Shiflet for your very kind comments!

Shiflet, about in-depth tutorials, I will be creating more tutorials in the future. The main SP 5.0 video already demonstrates most of the Dictation Box versions. But since the different versions have so many purposes, adding some in-depth videos will surely be a good idea, also to point out the benefits of using VoiceComputer in combination with SP.
Creating these tutorials however is a lot of work, ask Ron, he knows all about it ;-)

SP users may be interested in the new "Transfer Open" command I have just added. It keeps the Dictation Box virtually "open" after pressing the TRANSFER button. Here is a demonstration video of that new feature:

Here's another video where this feature is combined with the new SP 5.0 Placement Commands:

SP customers will receive a link to this command soon. I will also include a link to the Ergonomic Command Set. This small command set was included in earlier SP versions but is now available for free. If you're curious you can already use this direct link (zip file).
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Rob, I have been interested in your application for a while. However, I normally do not dictate into non-dragon friendly programs or have a need to have the text repeated vocally. In DPI 15.3, I mostly use Microsoft Word, Outlook, along with VoiceComputer. One of the problems encountered from time-to-time is DPI 15.3 confuses dictation with a command. I take it that would not be a problem with SP 5.0. Also, It is not clear from the literature if you can choose which program the text is to be transferred to. Lastly, I dictate lengthy documents. Kindly advise the maximum length that can be dictated into the text box. Thanks.


When Dragon confuses dictation with a command, are those standard built in commands it picks up or commands you created yourself? And do you use Dragon in Normal mode?
There is little chance to this happening in the SP Dictation Boxes unless you are dictating the name of one of the buttons (TRANSFER, CANCEL etc). And if you have the Require "click" to select buttons and other controls in Dragon options checked then even that won't happen.

The text is always transferred to the active application. Contrary to the Dragon dictation box the SP dictation box doesn't "lock" itself to the target application, making it inaccessible while the dictation box is open. I am however planning on adding an optional locking feature to SP because it can be useful if the target application completely loses focus. Remember though that you cannot lose your dictation with the SP dictation boxes because it is always placed on the clipboard no matter what.
SP has direct activation commands for well-known applications like Chrome, Word, Thunderbird etc. I'm planning on adding more applications. In the next program update I will combine this feature with the Transfer function in the SP dictation boxes resulting in commands like "Transfer to Chrome", "Transfer to Thunderbird" etc. This can be very convenient if you have several windows opened and the target window is not active/minimized.

About dictation length, as far as I know there's no limitation to the amount of text that can be dictated. Apart from the Tiny versions all SP dictation boxes are much bigger than the Dragon dictation box offering much better overview of your dictation (especially the XXL and Advanced versions).
All SP dictation boxes work great with VoiceComputer intags especially the Advanced and TTS versions (these have additional buttons, sliders etc).


Speech19652018-12-02 14:13:14

Thanks Rob that was helpful. The commands that get picked up occasionally when dictating are the built-in DPI commands. I dictate in in the normal dictation mode.

Rob sorry to be asking these questions on-line; however, I was not able to find a direct link for you except for your web site address.

In regards to this, I purchased SP 5.0; however, since I do not have a PayPal account my wife paid for it through her account. Will there be any problems in transferring the application to my computer?

There shouldn’t be any problem.

I just send the download link to the email address associated to the PayPal account.

Just copy the setup package (zip file named SendAnywhere + current date and time) to your own computer (use a USB stick for instance). Extract it on your own computer and then first read the README first PDF for the (simple) installation instructions. That should get you up and running.

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