Announcing SP 4.0 Dragon Add-ons package

Dear VoiceComputer users,

With kind permission of Ron, VoiceComputer developer, I would like to announce SP 4.0 Dragon Add-ons for Dragon Professional editions. It features the following components:

Dragon & VC Restart (DPI 15 only)

Most Dragon users experience that Dragon sometimes crashes or suddenly stops working. On some systems this occurs quite frequently. These crashes are usually caused
by specific programs, drivers or extensions. If Dragon crashes VoiceComputer needs to be to closed as well.

Dragon & VC restart can very quickly restart both with a simple hotkey. It can also very quickly close VoiceComputer (If Dragon is still responsive you have the additional option to use voice commands).
This works convenient and fast. You won't even have to leave the application you are working in.

Dragon & VC Restart video:

Next-Generation Quick Dictation Boxes

SP 4.0 features the Next-Generation DPI-Aware Quick Dictation Boxes. These Dictation Boxes deliver optimal speed, visibility and safety and most of all: they are perfectly compatible with VoiceComputer as it quickly tags all buttons.

The Quick Dictation Box is the fastest Dictation Box out there. It loads five times faster than the Dragon dictation box (with its default setting). Now additional Hotkey control is added launching it in less than 0.5 seconds!

The Quick Dictation Box always saves your text to the clipboard. No matter what you do (accidentally closing it, pressing the wrong button etc.) It is simply impossible to ever lose your dictation again!

You get six versions: Default, Large, High Contrast (including XXL version), Transparent and Tiny. Any of them can be launched with a voicecommand and any of them can be set as default.

Quick Dictation Boxes video:

Quick Store

What was the address of that interesting website again.... and what about that interesting quote I read somewhere but forgot to save...

The renewed Quick Store version offers the fastest way to save website URLs and text on webpages. Quickly save any URL or website text with just one voice command. There is no distraction, your data is backed up silently.

Chrome Search

Problems with the Chrome web extension? Chrome Search offers fast Select-and-Say enabled search in your Chrome browser. You can do searches right from your desktop or from within Chrome. These boxes are so fast and convenient you will be hooked in no time!


Speaker was previously sold separately but is now part of the SP 4.0 package. It's an alternative to the Dragon text to speech voices. Contrary to Dragon TTS, Speaker also works in Thunderbird and all Internet browsers. It uses your default Windows 10 voice (Zira for instance).

Please visit the Speech Productivity website for additional info:

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