Announcing new releases of VoiceComputer and VC Lite

We recently released VoiceComputer 3.1 and VC Lite

Changes to the programs include:

Fixed an issue with task <1-20> command when switching away from Chrome

Kept task <1-20> command but removed taskbar <1-20>

Fixed issue with switching focus to the new Microsoft Edge.

Improved Reconfigure VoiceComputer command.

Fixed: Restart computer command.

Created a new configuration and commands for VC Microphone that make VC Microphone more reliable and easier to use

Improved Search VoiceComputer and Find Voice commands

Documented left-handed use. (On startup VC will adjust Intags and mouse commands for Primary button left or right)

Changes to VoiceComputer only:

Optimized performance by getting rid of commands for legacy technologies that have been superseded by the Intag technology.

Made MS Office and Global2 commands inactive by default

Use the ‘Configure VoiceComputer’ command to enable the commands you want, including: Mouse commands, MS Office commands, Chrome commands, and additional position, global and Intag commands,

Added Select <1-20> lines command which always selects line which cursor is on.

(Dragon’s Select next <1-20> lines command doesn’t.)

Removed legacy highlight commands.

Reduced # of set volume commands to Set volume to 5, 10, 15… 100

Do you have a change log for Voice Computer, and also, how does one find out which version one is running?

Oops. Yes, but, it’s of no help. I haven’t updated it for a quite a while. - Will get to this soon.

To see the major version say, ‘Show VoiceComputer version’

Or, ‘Open VoiceComputer’, which opens the Control Center (which lists the major version).

But, for the full version you need to view VoiceComputer in ‘Add or Remove programs’

We sometimes create an installation that fixes a bug in a command,

The most recent release is
The ‘0.1’ is a minor update that fixes a syntax error in the help file for two monitors.

  • Thus, the need for a current change log!