Amicus Attorney and super numbers

I have a legal management system called Amicus Attorney. I tried to use super numbers with it. I am displaying the two screens I attempted to deploy the command “display overlay”. In each instance it shut down the entire Amicus program.

I know Ron and Chucker were interested in knowing what other programs Super Numbers would play nice with. As reported earlier, it works very nicely with the billing program Timeslips.

Now you know what I know.

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That’s weird. Need to find a logical reason for this.

1) Try “Show Numbers” with Amicus
Whether or not that works
2) Retry “Show Overlay” with Amicus.

Email me the Dragon log file and the VoiceComputer log.txt file located in your DocumentsVoiceComputer directory.



It worked once in terms of placing an overlay. Before I could test it, I placed a number in the wrong place. I forgot that function 14 eliminated it. So I went to the command list for help. I closed the overlay. When I came back, and gave the command it shut down Amicus again.

I will email you the Dragon log and voice computer log.

As always, thanks so much for your help.



I sent you a response to the forward from Ron containing your Dragon log and VoiceComputer log files. Nothing contained in either points to any particular problem.

As I suggested in the email, shut everything down and then restart VoiceComputer and Dragon, then launch Amicus Attorney, pull up the overlay, and try again. Does Amicus Attorney shutdown when you do the above?

Addendum: in your Dragon log, the last session reported shows that you’re using BestMatch V. What happens if you switch your profile back to BestMatch IV?Chucker2014-08-20 10:16:51


Because of miserable latency, I switched over to BestMatch IV.The command worked with Amicus as well.

I responded to your email with another question. Thank you.

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When you’re using Amicus Attorney, and this is in answer to your email, along list of files and folders would probably more appropriately benefit from “show numbers” vs. overlays. I would suggest that you try “show numbers” first in the case of the screen capture that you sent with your email. If it works, then use “show numbers” there. Overlays are primarily for those screens that don’t respond to show numbers, or don’t respond well.


The “show numbers” command does work with Amicus. As it turns out, when I use the screen capture, the numbers disappear. However, with the first picture which shows the beautiful office, I have a number over “note” which I say click and the second screen capture comes up. It has numbers on it.

No number shows up in the box where I dictate. When I move the cursor to that area to dictate, I lose the numbers. I just have to state the command again and they return. When I Give the command to click the number over the “details” on the Note program, I get the third screen capture. I then give the command in the numbers appear again.

So everything works very nicely other than I have to repeat The command with Each new screen.

I don’t mind repeating the command. Is there any way I can get the cursor into the dictation portion of the note screen without losing my numbers?

Thanks so much.


Looks like I have to upload the third screenshot on the next reply.

>I deleted one of your screenshots. I will explain this in an email to you. - Ron

RonK2014-08-21 08:27:18

I guess I can’t add a third screenshot to a reply to you. I will try to reply to me!

<div><br></div><div>> Deleted screenshot. May have contained confidential information. - Ron</div><edited><editID>RonK</editID><editDate>2014-08-21 08:32:15</editDate></edited>

can’t do it?

How do I get the third screenshot Uploaded?
> I have to repeat The command with Each new screen.

Try the Follow x command.
(Does each command open a new screen?)

> Is there any way I can get the cursor into the dictation portion of the note screen
>without losing my numbers?

Again, try the Follow x command.
If the dictation portion is not numbered, you can say tab <1-20> to get to it.
(We could customize.)

You need to use Snagit with a time delay in order to get a screenshot of the numbering.

RonK2014-08-21 09:19:04

Thank you, Ron,

So it has been written, so shall it be done.

I will report back.