Advanced question, Keyboard mouse, (0,ins) Windows 10, num lock keys

Hi I’m using Windows 10 with the keyboard mouse Accessibility feature activated after pressing num lock.
Usingg the keyBoard mouse gives me a particular advantage. I will try to provide a lot of information to make tthe question clear.

for example when watching a video On VLC I put the cursor over the video playback indicator On the timeline then I press (0 ins) key in the num lock pad Which has Windows keyboard mouse activated. After pressing thiss key I can move the mouse Left and right( without Having to hold down any keys on the mouse) and the video indicator will drag througgh the video timeline fast forwarding or rewinding the video.

2nd example: when reading a long text file In the Internet browser I can put the mouse over the Gray rectangular bar used to navigate the webpage up and down on the right side of the screen. Then I press the button (0,ins) On the num lock pad which Has the keyboard mouse Accessibility feature activated. And now I can Drag the gray rectangular scrolling bar up and down through the whole very long wwebpage withouut havingg to Hold The left buttton on the mouse, Or without having to press page down and page up On the keyboard, nor without having to use the wheel On the mouseto scroll Up-and-down the webpage.

The question is: is there a way to Voice command To press the (0,ins) Key on the num lock part of the keyboard when Windows keyboard mouse is activated.

Do Dragon’s Press keys work? Press zero, or press insert key work?

Thanks for reply. No that doesn’t work.

press ‘num pad 0’ doesnt work either for some funny reason

Create a Dragon step by step macro to see if it’ll work: