Administrative Permissions Request-Getting Rid of

Hello everyone!

I've been using for his computer for about a year now and every time I open the program, I get a message from asking for administrative permission to open the file. I vaguely remember seeing instructions on how to get rid of this step when I was installing VC, but I went back to find them and didn't see anything.

Is it possible to change a setting so that I don't have to click through this message every single time I open the program?

Thank you!


What you are seeing is called User Account Control (UAC).

By default, Windows turns on UAC, which requires you to reply to the prompt every time you open an application.

Click on the Start button in the Windows taskbar and type UAC into the search box at the bottom. You should be presented with, among other options, an option for “Change User Account Control settings”. In the User Account Controls Settings dialog, move the slider all the way to the bottom (i.e., Never).

You may have to reboot your system for the change to take effect depending upon the version of Windows that you’re using, but once you do you won’t be prompted again as per your post.

Are you using Windows 7 or 8?

If you’re using Windows 7, you shouldn’t get the UAC prompt because we have a workaround.