adding laptop


I’m going to add a laptop as secondary to main PC. Dragon will send a link for download from the purchase I made in Jan '17. How can I get VCw/InTag on main PC over to laptop?

PC has and Can I just copy/paste to laptop?



The Dragon link will probably be just the Dragon set up files. You will then have to activate it again I think. I believe Dragon has four or five activations in total.
You can download the most recent VC and Intag versions from the link provided in your purchase emails and install it on your laptop. That will probably also cost you a new activation. VC/Intag both have three activations.

If you've done a lot of modifications to the programs, made lots of new commands, edited the XMLs or customized all kinds of settings there is an easier way to simply copy the entire installation, including all settings etc. to another system (which has to have the same operating system).

You can use EaseUS Todo PCTrans for that.

There is also a free version which is supposed to support just one or two applications, but I'm not sure if that's going to work with VC it will probably work with Intag.
Anyway, I advise the paid version, because it works like a charm and it's very fast too.