A new user reports some issues:

A new user reports some issues:

1) Can’t get “Show Screen Grid” to work.

VoiceComputer has to be configured for the "Show Screen Grid" / other mouse commands as well as for other commands.
Mouse commands must be configured..
First say "2 Open" where "2" is 'Enable | Disable VoiceComputer commands') and then enable mouse commands.

You need to restart VoiceComputer / Dragon so that the commands will be enabled.

2) “Show Numbers is covering up the ability to see the link for which it is showing the numbers.

There are three fixes for this:

a) Configure VoiceComputer so that the numbers are smaller and/or the background lighter.
(Say, "Configure VoiceComputer", 7 Open where "7" is Additional Configuration Options, 2 Open where 2 is "Configure Font size and background Show Numbers & Super Number", and then make the configuration changes you wish.)

b) Say, "Toggle". This command will toggle the display on and off so you can see what's under the numbering. (Let me know if you wish this command to toggle the display on and off a few times...)

c) Say, "Toggle Smaller". This command will toggle the display so that the numbers will be smaller. To return to the default numbering, wait a couple of seconds and say "Show Numbers". (This is a new command and we’re still testing to make it more reliable.) If it doesn’t work at first. Wait 5 seconds (important!) and then repeat the command.)

And finally, we plan to keep working on the visibility of the numbering.

3. Show Numbers is not showing a number for all the links.

Show Number technologies just number controls / links that were exposed by the original programmer to active accessibility. That’s why we invented “Show Super Numbers.” Super Numbers will let you access any control or link.