2 more days to get Dragon Pro Individual for $99.

Important: Only two days left to take advantage of a great offer from Nuance!

The new Dragon Professional Individual 14 is on special for $99. through September 30th.
If you have Dragon Premium, this is a great upgrade because Dragon Professional lets you create advanced productivity scripts if and when you ever need them.

Check your email for the $99. offer from Nuance.

RonK2015-09-28 10:24:00

Just FYI to anyone who has not taken advantage of the $99 upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 14.

The $99 upgrade from any of the VARs, or from Nuance directly is no longer available. If you haven't upgraded, your cost will be $150 for the smart upgrade from DNS 12 Professional/DNS 13 Professional. from this point forward, or $300 for the full version.


Chucker2015-10-15 12:13:45