11.71.1 doesnt work well at all

this program is so very frustrating!!!!! I just downloaded 11.71.1 64 bit version, its starts out working well enough, but then it starts freezing up. I tried reinstalling it to see if it would help. as an example though voicepower just bascally starts to ignore any commands whatsoever, even right clicking with the mouse on icon in the taskbar gets no response when choosing any of the menu options. I then turn the microphone off from listening and it starts to finish the commands i've been trying to give all along.Angry

Your user profile might be corrupt. Please create a new user and let us know what happens.

how would my dragon NS profile become corrupt? how does that happen, and when it does happen how does that effect the operation of Voicepower and DNS?

Sorry for the delay. We'll answer this and the questions from your email tomorrow.
In the meantime, create a new user profile (you can skip the training) and let us know whether all the commands are working. If not, just stop and let us know. We'll help you figure out what the problem is.

dragon naturally speaking will not allow me to start a new profile without training it first, waiting for answers.


Ron sent me a copy of the e-mail that you sent to him. I'm breaking it up into two sections for response.

First, let me answer your question about profiles and profile corruption.

Profile corruption is, or tends to be, a rather broad definition of problems that can occur with regard to Dragon NaturallySpeaking and your user profile. Profile corruption can occur whenever Windows attempts to update your user profile, and Windows performs all I/O operations, not applications by themselves. Applications make requests of Windows to read or write information, but the operating system performs the actual I/O. If, during this process, something prevents Windows from correctly writing information to your user profile during the actual write operation, your profile can become corrupted. Sometimes the corruption is subtle enough that Dragon doesn't function properly, but you still have access to your user profile. Sometimes the corruption is major, in which case your access to your user profile results in errors which prevents the user profile from loading at all.

In addition, very often when migrating (upgrading) a previous version user profile to a new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (e.g., converting a DNS 10.1 user profile to DNS 11-11.5) results in profile issues present in your original DNS 10.1 user profile being carried over to DNS 11-11.5. In such cases, while the profile itself is in corrupted, the upgrade to DNS 11.5 carries with it problems that occurred with DNS 10.1. This is not uncommon and over the years, particularly during my tenure as SDK program manager for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, we have always recommended that upgrading previous versions of your user profile to new versions of DNS be done only for the purposes of being able to transfer vocabulary and/or commands to a new user profile created under the current version of DNS that you're running. Regardless, upgrading a previous DNS version user profile to DNS 11-11.5 does not fix problems that were inherent in your DNS 10.1 or earlier version of DNS. The upgrade process is merely one of making those user profiles compatible with the latest version of DNS. DNS has no way of analyzing and correcting profile problems during the upgrade process.

Profile corruption is rare, but not uncommon. The reason why Ron suggested that you create a new user profile was simply to test whether or not there are subtle issues in your currently active user profile that might be reflected by those problems not being inherent when you create a new user under your current version of DNS. This is one way of checking whether or not the issues that you're experiencing are profile related, and specifically relative to the above. You do not have to train a new user profile, nor do you have to update your custom words or custom commands during this process. We are simply asking you to create a new user profile out of the box so to speak with no training and no custom words or custom commands. This provides a user profile that is "pristine". That is, it contains no potential issues that might be related to either vocabulary or inherent in your original user profile. This is a standard test that almost anyone doing technical support with Dragon NaturallySpeaking will ask a user to do because this checks the potential for inherent problems in your user profile vs. problems with Dragon NaturallySpeaking's program files. As regards problems with Dragon's program files, if creating a new user profile produces exactly the same results as you have been getting, then going to the Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features | Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, clicking on the Change option and then running a Repair when the DNS InstallShield wizard prompts you to Modify, Repair, or Remove. Sometimes the program files can become corrupted also. This is not uncommon in the case of having a problem with commands that are being transcribed as text rather than be executed as commands. However, you should try the new user profile first so that we can eliminate that as a source of the problem. Otherwise if you don't take it one step at a time, there's no way of knowing whether the problem was caused by a user profile issue or a program files issue.

[QUOTE] Thank you for allowing us to use the 64-bit trial version, so far it seems to have helped us learn a few things and also has raised some questions. For instance we are running Internet Explorer eight and your new version deals mostly with Internet Explorer nine so some of the functionality does not seem to be available in the old version of IE. Also we have had varied results with following the examples for Internet links using the commands "word click" and "select" even on the same hp website. With dual monitors it still seems to be a problem for using mouse commands like, left mouse click, right mouse click, and double click. [/QUOTE]

First, I need to have more information about your version of Dragon and Windows:

1. I would assume that because you are using the 64-bit version of VoicePower that you are using either Windows 7 64-bit or Windows Vista 64-bit. If this is not correct, let me know what version of Windows you're using.

2. From the information that you have provided, I'm assuming that you're using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11. However, I need to know exactly what version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 you are using. Are you using 11.0 or 11.5? You can get that from the DragonBar Help menu, About NaturallySpeaking. What I need to know is what version number is showing up in the About NaturallySpeaking splash screen and what flavor of Dragon you're using (i.e., Premium, Professional, Legal, etc.).

Second, if you're using Windows 7 64-bit, or Windows Vista 64-bit, why are you using IE 8. You should be using IE 9 because it is more efficient and more reliable than IE 8. Regardless, both Dragon and VoicePower are perfectly compatible with either version.

Third, there are Dragon commands for web browsing and there are VoicePower commands for web browsing. Regardless of which are using, issuing commands requires that they be the correct commands and that they be spoken verbatim. You talk about "word click" and "select". These are not either Dragon or VoicePower commands. The Dragon commands for selecting text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. do not contain any of the words that you're trying to use. By default, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11-11.5 uses the following:

"Click edit box", "click checkbox", "click radio button", etc. if you're not clear on the Dragon commands, search for them in the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Help. You can do that by simply saying "search Dragon help for ".

To select links in Internet Explorer with Dragon alone, you simply say "click text link".

Dragon itself will automatically number any of these. However, if you are not getting green numbered arrows, but are getting a box with red and white squares followed by Choose and a number, then that particular website is not listed in your trusted sites listing in Internet Explorer, in which case you have to go to the Tools menu, Internet Options, Security tab, highlight Trusted sites, and click on the Sites button. If the website address is listed in the text box with the Add button active (accessible), then you need to click on the Add button and add that website to your list of trusted websites. Also, keep in mind that you need to unselect (remove) the checkmark from "Required server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone". You will be prompted to do so if you don't when you click on the Close button anyway. After doing that, do a refresh of your webpage (i.e., you can simply say "refresh", or you can right-click on the website and select refresh from the pop-up menu).

Regardless, all commands, whether they be Dragon or VoicePower, require that you save them exactly the way they are phrased. Otherwise, you can expect Dragon to respond because it doesn't know what you're asking. It only knows what you're asking if you say them correctly.

Lastly, Dragon itself doesn't support dual monitors (multiple monitors). As such, the commands that you're using for mouse clicks are Dragon commands. The VoicePower commands are "left click", "right-click", or "double-click". With VoicePower there is no need to say "mouse..." before you issue a VoicePower Mouse Voice command. You should look at the mouse commands in the VoicePower help in order to see exactly what you can and can't say. The same applies to Dragon. Also, to use VoicePower commands on a second monitor, you have to set that up by configuring VoicePower for multiple monitors. Nevertheless, all of the Mouse Voice commands for VoicePower work on any monitor up to three at present. Nevertheless, I need more detail on exactly what you're trying to do, on which monitor,, and any other details that would help me understand completely why you're having a problem. It would probably be helpful to me if you would simply send me an e-mail to Chuck@VoiceTeach.com and attach a copy of your Dragon log to that e-mail. That way I can see it least what your hardware configuration is, version of Windows, and how Dragon is responding.

Also, remember that Dragon NaturallySpeaking and/or VoicePower have to be loaded before you load Internet Explorer. In addition, in the Dragon Options dialog | Commands tab, you need to ensure that "Enable HTML support" is checked as well as both the Enable commands in HTML Windows and Require "Click" to select hyperlinks in HTML Windows. While you can choose not to require click to select links in Internet Explorer, it isn't recommended because you can inadvertently click any links if you unselect this option by virtue of saying any word in any link. This is why Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11-11.5 automatically sets this option by default. That is, too many users in previous versions were having a problem with this. Regardless, disable or turn it off at your own risk. It's better to keep it enabled than it is to disable it.

[QUOTE] As an example we try to follow the tutorials on how to do these various operations in apps like IE and outlook and they will seem to work great for a few times that we practice them. We come back a while later and it doesn't seem to work as well as the first time we practiced. Also the buttons on the favorite bar don't work with the word click command. The microphone seems to be quite sensitive at times, I tell it to "go to sleep" and it does, but then it comes on without giving any command to do so. Any suggestions to remedy this are greatly appreciated. We also have trouble selecting text to correct it, it continues to dictate the commands we are trying to give to make corrections. [/QUOTE]

First, the only way that I could understand what's going on and on your system relative to your first sentence in the above quote would be to go online with you remotely and watch what you're doing. If you would like to do this, and you're not connected to a corporate network that would block TeamViewer from accessing your system remotely, I am more than willing to do this with you. Simply send me a request to do such@ChuckhadVoiceTeach.com. Then I can watch what's happening and what you're doing and help you understand how to do it. Again, VoicePower commands are very specific, particularly when it comes to VoiceShortcuts. If you don't say them correctly, they won't work.

Second, the buttons on the Favorites Bar are not voice accessible either with Dragon or VoicePower. However, there are some very simple ways that you can access these using the VoicePower voice shortcuts. If you would like to have me explain how to do this, just let me know. It's very easy to do this in two steps (10 seconds) with VoiceShortcuts in VoicePower.

As far as correcting misrecognitions using the "select " and "correct " commands, these are basically Dragon commands. If these commands are displayed as text, then either you're not saying the commands correctly, or you are dictating into a nonstandard window. That is, you probably lost Full Text Control (Select and Say). This can happen most often because you, for example, open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook before opening Dragon NaturallySpeaking and/or VoicePower. Rule of thumb is always launch Dragon and VoicePower first and then open up any other applications. Also, this can happen if, for example, any Microsoft office applications supported by Dragon NaturallySpeaking ejects or fails to load the NatSpeak Word Addin, NatSpeak Outlook Addin, or NatSpeak Excel Addin. If you need help with this because these applications have lost their NaturallySpeaking add-ins for Full Text Control (Select and Say), just let us know. However, most of the time the problems that you may be experiencing in these applications are caused by failing to load Dragon first. Nuance claims that this is not necessary with DNS 11-11.5, but our testing shows that this is not the case. That is, it's very flaky. Therefore we always recommend loading Dragon first, at least, if not loading Dragon automatically by launching VoicePower (i.e., the current versions of VoicePower automatically load Dragon NaturallySpeaking with your last current user profile).

Lastly, automatically turning the microphone on and off when in sleep mode is atypical problem with DNS 11-11.5. It's a Dragon problem period. As long as you put the microphone in "sleep mode", anything that the microphone picks up is going to be listened to by Dragon and some things that it hears are interpreted as wake-up commands. This was not a problem in previous versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but DNS 11-11.5 made a major change to the sampling rate (previous versions used 11.025 kHz 16-bit Mono, but DNS 11 uses 22.05 kHz 16-bit Mono). Some users experience this problem in some users don't. Nevertheless, it's a bug in DNS 11-11.5. Lindsay Adams at PCByVoice.com has created a very nice utility that lets you turn the microphone completely off and back on by voice. It's inexpensive ($11 US), and I highly recommend that you go to his website and research it as well as buy it. This will eliminate the problem altogether.

I realize that this is a long post, but I hope that it's helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you need any further assistance in getting Dragon and VoicePower to function properly.

<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>If you had a previous version installed and you attempted to install it 11.71.1 directly over top of it without first uninstalling the previous version, then that can create the types of problems that you're experiencing.</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>In addition, after uninstalling and reinstalling, VoicePower will automatically save your current settings to a backup folder. If you attempt to use commands that you created previously after uninstalling and reinstalling VoicePower, there are certain changes to the settings.ini file as well as to any of the custom commands you may have created using VoiceShortcuts. I can help you with that. Nevertheless, either this or the above are likely the clause for any problems that you may be having. You cannot simply install a new version over top of an older version because we make numerous changes with each version release that require you to uninstall and reinstall the new version.</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>You do not have to, with VoicePower, worry about activations when performing this process. Your activations or stored once in the Windows system registry and maintained regardless of how many times you uninstall and reinstall.</DIV>


Our previous version of voicepower was a demo version of 11.53. I am running windows 7 64 bit with 8gb ram and IE 8. I uninstalled the trial version and installed the latest release 11.71.1. The version of Dragon I have is premium I have not used any previous versions of DNS.

My 11.71.1 is working great. I also had all kinds of unexplained errors, freezes and crashes on the previous version until I did two things.

1. I created a new profile

2. I cleaned up my hard disk and enabled more memory.

I am thrilled with VoicePower. I use the shortcut commands very often.
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Just click the 'Skip Training' button.</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>For a step by step guide to creating a user file,  refer to the VP_Guide.chm help file located in the </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>documentsvoicePowerdocumentation directory</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>(This guide will automatically open if you first open Dragon, close your user profile and then open VoicePower.)</DIV>

would be nice to be able to press the skip training button but the buttons are cutoff on the bottom of the training window, I’m just lucky enough to have a sliver of a button to press to start the training, just tons of issues with both dragon and voicepower. Have you considered doing your own stand alone voice recognition software, rather than just trying to run dependent with DNS?

Maybe you need to (temporarily) increase the resolution of your screen.

Send me a screenshot.
Once we get this issue resolved, it sounds like you need to start from the beginning with our VP_Guide.chm guide. This will lead you through the first steps and then into the rest of the program.


<p>I sent you an e-mail with screen capture showing you exactly what you have to do and explaining why as regards the DNS GUI screens.</p>

<p>As regards creating our own speech recognition app independent of Dragon NaturallySpeaking<font face="Arial">, that would be unfortunately next to impossible because Nuance has so many patents, all of which are still currently in force, that it would be almost impossible to build speech recognition application without infringing on one of them. Besides, except for a few minor issues, DNS is the best speech recognition application out there.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>Some would argue that Microsoft can do it with Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) why can't we do it. Unfortunately, it takes a huge development budget and R&D department to come even close to what DNS is capable of<font face="Arial">. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to reinvent the wheel since for 99% of DNS users DNS works perfectly well right out-of-the-box and, in terms of features and functions, DNS is the best speech recognition engine available, even compared to Windows Speech Recognition (WSR). What we do with VoicePower is not to reinvent the wheel, we simply make the wheel better.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>If you're experiencing problems with VoicePower<font face="Arial">, please give us detailed step-by-step explanations of what the problems you're experiencing are, commands that don't work, how you are saying, and anything else that may be pertinent. We can help you make it work properly, but we have to be absolutely clear on what isn't working and why it is not. Feel free to e-mail such directly to me at Chuck@VoiceTeach.com. As I said previously, I would be more than happy to work with you or even to go online remotely with you to see exactly what's happening on your system. </font></p><edited><editID>Chucker</editID><editDate>2012-04-06 11:48:25</editDate></edited>