11.2 Download times out

I have tried 3 or 4 different time to upload the new 11.2 file from the user area.
Each time it was running real slow and then timed out.
Now when I login to the members are it says: setup 11_20.zip - maximun downloads reached.

Can this be reset?
Is there a different place to download from?
I have tried IE and Firefox.

Window 7 64 bit.

Thanks for any help.

I would also add that the download hangs after 1 or 2% / first 9 Mg’s. Then timesout if I let it set. I have check my end as far as connection and other online windows and programs work OK.


I apologize. My hosting site, GoDaddy, keeps insisting that there’s nothing wrong on their end. We are going to move our site to a cloud, but it’s a project…

Their download speeds vary tremendously during the day. This morning I was able to download the file in 10 minutes. If you have problems, try again in a couple of hours.

I gave you more downloads.

I gave you more downloads.

OK, Thanks Ron. I will try later tonight.
Thanks for the fast response.

Ron New Info,

My Bad, the problem was on my end.

I have a cabel modem conected to a cable router conected to a switch conected to a wireless router. Long story, but I need several different conections.

My dog un-pluged the power to the wireless router which only supplys a conection to my wifes Wii board/ box. It is the only use of the wireless connection. She told me she had no internet connection to it, so I checked, it was off, unpluged.

Long story short, pluged it in and all the problems I was getting with the download stopped and all is well. I do not know why that one connection would effect my main router and cause the timeouts and some browser related issues. But IT DID!!!

The download came in at about 300 kb per sec with no issues. I had tried all the fixes and tweaks I could find on my end, but finially figured it could not be your servers problem.

Sorry for causing you any headaches, like I said, MY BAD. I cant wate to get the upodate installed now.



Just FYI. Anything that impacts on your Internet connection, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can produce a failure to be able to access a download. The problem is generally that the error message relative to the download timing out doesn’t give you very specific information. It leaves you hanging under the assumption that the download is not completing, when in actuality it’s not even starting.

The more complex your Internet connection through wireless cable modems and routers, the easier it is to run into these types of problems. I appreciate your necessity to have these several configurations, but if you ever get a timeout again, check your connections first.

I cant login???

We have a new site, store and release.

On Friday or Saturday you’ll receive a mailing and a link to the newest download.

In the future you’ll automatically receive links to the new downloads and you won’t need to log into the store.

Hello Ron:

Because my wife has resorted now to mortar fire in an attempt to take me out (I think she hired the "Gang Who Could Not Shoot Straight"for the rifle attempt), I would not put it past her to sabotage my e-mail every chance she gets. Thus, I hesitate to ask if the new version was sent out last Friday or Saturday because I did not receive any notification.

Then again, maybe she has resorted to contacting anyone she thinks maybe my friend and threatening them should they do anything nice for me. I consider VoicePower a very nice thing that has happened in my life.

Gotta go. I just heard someone lost a quarter in the parking lot.



We’re hoping to send out the notifications late today. - We changed stores, download sites, etc., and the code that the companies supplied us for transferring our data didn’t work so we’ve had to figure out their databases and write our own code.

Thanks, Ron.

Keep your location secret just in case.


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